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Out with the old and in with the new
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Out with the OLD and In with The NEW

Out with the Old

People get stuck in the processes of using spreadsheets and Word docs to try to piece together projects, people, and data. Paper trails that have to be followed. Information gets lost in translation. Data has to be entered into multiple places. Manual coordination has to be done with multiple different departments for a single event. You see, without a comprehensive, multi-purpose and unified university management software the organization and most importantly the staff and customers suffer.

Bring in the “new” ways and use technology to the full advantage

University management software gives you better widespread visibility, which makes all of the difference. Higher education organizations have successfully centralized their data into a single, airtight software system, so room reservations, booking, catering, A/V scheduling and room set-ups, even equipment inventory tracking – are all in the same system. It makes event planning easier. It gives university event managers greater control, and it allows them to have a clear picture of what’s happening on their campus – every minute of every day.

Take it from Duke University event management department director, Chuck Catotti, who worked to connect multiple business units across campus to a centralized campus event management and booking system. When looking at their marine lab’s strategy for managing student events and conferences, he found “…a really complicated system of spreadsheets.” That was not working well for them, so they had to make a change. Since 1997, Duke has been using Ungerboeck’s centralized event planning and management software to orchestrate the many events, book spaces across campus, manage event details, and even enable self-service registration on their 14,600 student campus. Check out the full Duke University case study for more details around the benefits of a centralized university management software system.

For universities, it’s all about furthering the mission of the organization and/or generating revenue. Centralized university management software increases efficiency, which boosts the bottom line. It streamlines processes to minimize busy work and maximize output. And, perhaps best of all, it can allow employees to focus on the jobs that need their personal attention, which leads to more productive, satisfied employees.

If we go back to look at Duke University, before the students would call in to book various spaces and the admin would have to pull up a variety of spreadsheets to compare and now students and groups can go online, access their event management system at any time, search for the room that meets their needs, reserve the room, schedule A/V equipment and room set up, then order their food service – all in one place.

For more information, visit Ungerboeck for Higher Edcuation or contact me directly.