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Performing Arts Centre Improves Productivity and Reporting Processes with Ungerboeck

Arts Centre Melbourne is Australia’s largest performing arts centre and the focal point of Melbourne’s cultural precinct. With 5 main performance venues and more than 25 additional indoor and outdoor spaces, it hosts more than 4,500 events per year. Using Ungerboeck Software, the Centre created many productivity gains in its organization and financial reporting process. These improvements help it to present programs including an international series, collaborations with Australian companies, creative development projects, exhibitions, and programming for young people.

Ungerboeck’s software solution for the performing arts has helped many organizations become more efficient. For Arts Centre Melbourne, improvements began when they implemented Ungerboeck Financials and Event Management. It has also interfaced its ticketing system with Ungerboeck and enhanced its reporting capabilities.

Since 2009, Arts Centre Melbourne has used Ungerboeck as the central repository for all performance information, including both financial and non-financial, which has increased consistency across the organization and made reporting simpler and more accurate. The Centre also implemented a new ticketing system, interfaced to Ungerboeck, which allowed automatic reconciliations and reduced cost.

With the integration between non-financial and financial event data all in one system, the Centre was able to enhance reporting with multi-layer information (department, revenue/expense type, venue, event, etc.), available in real-time and on-screen. Reporting on this information allows managers and users to stay updated on the most important metrics for the Centre. Forecasting now occurs within Ungerboeck as well; and because reports are created with up-to-the-minute information, there is one version of the truth. Information can easily be picked up on reports and is available on all of the reporting layers. This has increased accuracy and made decision making much easier, while also making the month-end timetable more efficient.

In addition to all of the improvements in the financial area, Arts Centre Melbourne keeps enhancing processes around Event Management, and Ungerboeck event folders are now essential when it comes to running their many events – if the information is not in Ungerboeck, then it’s not an event requirement. Since Ungerboeck seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, staff can easily push emails into the event folders with a click of a mouse, which has been an additional productivity bonus for the event teams.

To learn more about how Ungerboeck Software can help your organization become more efficient and successful please request a demo or contact the office closest to you.