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Exhibition success begins online
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Exhibition Success Begins On Your Website

One of the crucial challenges for exhibition and event managers is building a excellent event website: If you want to impress potential visitors, sponsors and exhibitors, you need to have an informative and user-friendly event website in place that contains both fresh and valuable content. You know what they say: You only get one chance to make a good first impression! That impression is key to exhibition success.

If you spend enough time and effort on building a good online presence, the traffic to your website will start rolling in – all the way to your exhibition!

Here’s a list of useful elements your event website should cover:

Key exhibition success information

When and where does the event take place? What’s the registration fee? How much does exhibition space cost? This is usually the information people are looking for first. Furthermore, contact information should be easy to find so website visitors know who is responsible for registration, sponsorship or other inquiries.

Make it easy for people to find your event and plan their trip: Venue maps, public transportation/airport and hotel information will especially help first time attendees to plan their event attendance (and potentially a post-event city tour). Last but not least, include an interactive floor plan and exhibitor information so people can easily navigate the show floor.

exhibition success


Use responsive web design in order to guarantee the website looks good on any device – whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone. People will absolutely go to your website while traveling, so the effort will pay off. Additionally, a user-friendly event website should be fast and easy to navigate. Make sure important information is clearly visible (especially deadlines) and that you don’t overload the page with content (that no one is likely to read anyway).

With many of the clients our digital team works with, mobile traffic can account for over 50% of their traffic. This means that a non-responsive site may be causing your mbile visitors to bounce from your site. Google notices this kind of thing, and it certainly doesn't make a great impression on your unique visitors either.

Design makes a difference. It is the public face of your exhibiton. Sponsors, exhibitors, and future registrants will all make judgements on your operation based on what they see on your home page.

Great content

Self-learning and education are more popular than ever. Both exhibitors and visitors will appreciate if you upload educational content (slides, handouts, videos) from workshops or other sessions to your website. Make sure the content is updated immediately after the session has taken place. Plus, you can always use this as a way to ensure your event will get attention on social media after the fact.

Not sure what to write about? Create a graphic. Use free tools like Canva,, or to display information in a fun and helpful way for your visitors. This kind of unique content can set you apart and make your business stand out. These tools are easy to use, and can make a big impact.

A nice exhibitor zone

This is the place where exhibitors manage their booth. The place where they potentially spend more money! Once again, user-friendliness is key to customer satisfaction. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes: What kind of information do they expect to see and where do they expect to find it? Provide a one-stop shop where they can literally manage everything, from catalog descriptions to insurance forms and booth services.

You could even save your team some time and take a good portion of administrative tasks from off their plate by enabling exhibitors to apply for booth space, sign their contract and submit payments through an exhibitor platform. Not only would this round out the one-stop shop for exhibitors and improve their satisfaction, it also leaves your team with more time to sell.

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