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The Future of Events Management

As we entered 2022, many parts of the world emerged from lockdowns and restrictions and returned to a new normal. For venue and event managers, this meant facing the almighty challenge of responding to pent-up demand for in-person events while navigating new and different guest expectations. Furthermore, ongoing industry-wide staff shortages mean many venues struggle to find staff to work at their events.

Now, in the final quarter of 2022, we reflect on how the past two years have changed attendees' expectations at events. Furthermore, we explore what strategies venue and event managers should implement to deliver successful events that will reunite the world by getting more people back to the stages, stadiums, theaters, and halls they love in the safest possible way.

4 Key Factors Impacting Guest Expectations

Three years of navigating social distancing measures, lockdowns, and other restrictions, changed how people operate. From an event perspective, the are four primary factors that have changed guest expectations:

  1. Understanding & Awareness of Risk: Now more than ever, potential eventgoers consider the risk of disease transmission when attending large-scale public events and gatherings.
  2. Rapid Adoption of Technology: From QR codes to checking into venues, virtual meetings, and online shopping, social distancing measures prompted people to adopt new and different technologies at a pace like never before.
  3. Craving Connection: Although many experts predicted the pandemic would decrease the number of future events, the opposite was true. Forcing people into their homes reminded people of the importance of in-person connections.
  4. Fear of Disappointment: Fluctuations in restrictions and safety protocols meant that people experienced a few false starts. As a result, event goers felt frustrated as they got their hopes up, only to be disappointed when an event was canceled, which changed how people book and plan for upcoming events.

So what have successful venue and event managers done to address these changing expectations and deliver safe and enjoyable event experiences?

5 Tips for Managing Successful Events

Here are five strategies implemented by successful venue and event managers to deliver safe and enjoyable events that exceed guest expectations:  

  1. Adopt Effective Risk Management Protocols: Effective risk management has always been the key to delivering safe and enjoyable events. By planning for, tracking, documenting, and reporting on all risks, venue and event professionals can ensure guests are safe by responding to any issues that arise at the event quickly and effectively.

  2. Increase Digital Touchpoints: Venues and event organizers are switching to digital “touchless” solutions to meet new consumer expectations and respond to government and public health advice. Digital touchpoints like e-tickets, digital signage, contactless payments, and online food and drink orders are becoming the new norm.  
  3. Improve Efficiencies Using Technology: Staffing shortages have forced venue and events teams to evaluate their existing processes and consider opportunities for improving efficiency and productivity. As a result, many are implementing time-saving technologies to streamline event management workflows so that staff can deliver the best possible experiences for their guests - even with limited resources. 
  4. Virtual Event Options: 55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events in the future with the improvements to accessibility and convenience. Virtual events can increase revenue from events by expanding the potential guest list and creating an additional revenue stream, but also keep guests safe by encouraging people to participate from home if they are unwell.
  5. Consider the Environmental Impact: Eventgoers are now more aware of the environmental impacts of travel and returning to in-person events. Finding opportunities to make events “greener” by implementing initiatives like paperless events, offset packages, and meat-free menu options will appeal to even wider audiences.

Futureproofing the Event Industry with World-Class Solutions

Ungerboeck delivers the world’s leading event management solutions. Our purpose-built systems have been designed with industry experts to empower event and venue teams with all the tools they need to thrive now and in the future.

Our comprehensive platforms cater to venues of all sizes and complexities and help them to streamline their event planning processes using a centralized system, making it easier to deliver safe and successful events that wow audiences now and in the future.

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