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Post event pulse pcma convening leaders
2 Min Read

The Post-Event Pulse: PCMA's Convening Leaders Annual Meeting

The Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders 2014 annual meeting took place this past week from January 12-15 in Boston, and now it's time to reflect. I’ve most-generously taken the time to assemble some highlights from a variety of sources so you don’t have to. Consider it my Friday gift to you.

An industry recap from Trade Show News Network: PCMA’s Convening Leaders Annual Meeting in Boston Draws Highest Attendance Ever

  • Beyond the record-breaking number of on-site attendees, there were more than 600 registered for PCMA’s digital hybrid event, featuring 21 hours of streamed content.
  • Head of futurethink and keynote speaker, Lisa Boddell, encouraged the audience to take a look at what rules need to be broken in their organizations and not get too ‘comfortable’ relying on emails and meetings to get through the day.
  • TechCentral was added, which included a Tech Bar at which people could get help on their devices or whatever technology issue they needed resolved.

An attendee recap from the Twitter #ExpoChat January 15 session: PCMA Recap and Other Conference Experiences

  • The virtual event appeared to be a hit. The group enjoyed the depth added by the online conversations and the ability to download the chat transcripts for reference later.
  • Sessions contained powerful speakers who were able to captivate the audience. Particular favorites include Salman Kahn, Jeff Hurt, Tina Brown, and Mike Walsh.
  • Great tips to increase event tweets: Have quick one-liners on presentation slides to make the concepts tweeatable. Consider separate hashtags for different sessions to streamline conversation.

Have questions about the event? Here’s the link to PCMA’s Convening Leaders FAQs page so you can hear what they have to say about themselves.

Did you attend the event? How was it for you? Did it meet/exceed your expectations? I’d love to know. Connect with me on Twitter @RebRuther.