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The Talent is Booked, and the Contract is Signed. Now What?

Now that you have confirmation and the show really must go on, how do you set the wheels in motion for all the various tasks that go into producing a concert or hosting an event?

 You do it with a centralized repository of all show information that each member of the team can layer onto the structure of the event that already exists.

The benefit of using a performing arts management system like Ungerboeck is that your team can enter the information once, and then use it again and again when producing contracts, confirmation letters, advance sheets, production reports, and data analysis. In the production and event management environments, the team adds the building blocks of the event while simultaneously categorizing key details as they become more specific.

A detailed timeline for the run of the show, set up, and breakdown.

When using Ungerboeck's platforms, production and event management teams can take the existing booking – the representation of the use of space with a start time and end time – and also capture detailed information as Functions. Other software platforms can only track ticketed events or require you to create a separate booking for each element of the timeline, which can clutter the calendar and is tedious to enter. The bookings/functions create a standard for the organizational calendar to maintain its integrity and accuracy while giving each department or user flexibility to track on a level as granular as they choose.

Specified contacts for production, event coordination, or billing.

Live events and performances are rarely produced by just one person. Most of the time, there are multiple contacts for all the production elements, financial elements, and other artist management contacts. When you're trying to manage a venue or production with a spreadsheet, the only way to track all the different contacts is to assign a column or separate tab to each one of those pieces. With a relational database like Ungerboeck, each contact can be tracked, searched, and reported on within the context of their role for smoother communication.

Information about equipment, staff, and technical specifications provided in a rider or by the event contact.

Ungerboeck's platforms not only give you a bird’s eye view of all activity, but also let you drill down into the details at the click of a mouse. This flexibility lets you see what's coming down the pike and provides insight into potential issues. When you've overbooked a piece of equipment, the software flags it, giving you time to order more from a vendor before it's too late. Ungerboeck can also track forecasted expenses versus actual expenses, which can make building offer letters and generating settlements easier and more accurate.

 Through years of experience, technical directors and event planners can piece together the various elements of show production. But having a robust and flexible tool to track all details allows you to anticipate bottlenecks and keep multiple plates spinning at once.