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The Truth About Programming Calendars

The all-inclusive, all-elusive calendar; at the heart of every venue there is a master calendar that is pumping vital information through and between every department. A beautiful, centrally located map of what’s to come years down the line. It is a source of action that is closely guarded under lock and key. But why?

We spoke previously about the challenges and concerns as they relate to communication between roles in performing arts venues. The master calendar is not immune to a plethora of cross-departmental challenges as well. Programmers are concerned that information will get lost or overwritten by someone less in-tune with the function of a certain field. Managers need a quickly-accessible, robust source of detail (which is more than what most calendars can offer). Operations are mostly just looking for today’s marching orders.

Time and time again we see venues who utilize one calendar to offer all of that information. If it was broken apart into several different calendars based on role or function, changes would be lost. Details and deadlines potentially missed, etc. so the calendar is kept as is because if it has worked in the past, it will continue to work in the future, right?It’s important to have a calendar that allows you to store all events details within it but it has to be flexible in order to accommodate each different user.

The truth is: your entire organization doesn’t work off of one calendar alone. Okay, it might. But each user is looking for different information. It all comes back to a major pain point that I often see within this space: communication. If everyone can see everything, you avoid the possibility of leaving out something important. BUT when it’s all there, it can be overwhelming and hard to interpret. Shouldn’t there be a happy medium?

Absolutely! And the good news is that there are solutions on the market that have what you’re looking for. The hard part is finding one to meet all of your needs, priced within the available budget and easy enough to implement in your (very short!) off-season.

Strengthening cross-departmental communication gaps can’t be done without a little time and effort but it’s entirely necessary for your venue to grow. As you’re considering a calendaring option, compare it against this checklist to be sure it’s up to the task!

If you’re looking to check off those boxes and get a better handle on your elusive calendar, feel free to contact me directly!