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Ungerboeck culture, foundation
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The Ungerboeck Culture, Building a Foundation of a Customer-Centric Community

When a company has a strong culture, it’s more than just a few bullet points on the “About Us” section of a website. It simply cannot solely be defined by a set of artificial programs, or a written company values that determines how the organization will function.

A great company culture must start from the inside, the core of the organization, throughout every level. It must be organic and pure. It is the product of our day-to-day interactions between or team, customers, and partners. We have a collective vision and clear mission. It's the way we work from the inside and how we look from the outside. Ultimately, it's the most powerful asset you can have to attract and retain employees.

This transformation of saying your organization is customer-centric, really starts with being employee-centric. Employees must feel valued and empowered. They must feel safe to challenge, safe to experiment, safe to fail, and safe to push the limit. It is this sense of empowerment and being treated respectfully that translates over to our customers’ experience and overall success.  The perception of our customers, mirrors how our employees feel they are being treated.

This past year hasn’t been easy for any of us. When times were tough, the true Ungerboeck spirit and culture shined, it showed who we really were. We weren’t about letting go of some, for the benefit of the few. We were all in this together and embraced the change.  We sacrificed along the way. We shifted our focus to support what was most important to us, our customers, who were hit harder than us.  Our employees worked to ensure that customers had the tools and information they needed, we banded together as an events industry to share ideas, and we provided opportunities for thousands of people to learn and grow in the Ungerboeck Community.

We can’t wait for the start of face-to-face events. We know our customers will come back and start to event again. When that day happens, I can assure you that the entire Ungerboeck team will be working with them in lockstep to ensure that they all come back stronger than ever. We will be cheering them on and celebrating customer achievements along the way. Because that’s who we are, that’s our culture and we don’t just believe it, we live it. It fuels our passion, our innovation and it’s what drives us to be The World’s Event Software!