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The Way We Were: How Ungerboeck Became the Leader in Event Management Technology

It Started with Two

Ungerboeck began life in 1985 as a startup firm that specialized in custom solutions for the process manufacturing industry. It was founded by a young couple named Dieter Ungerboeck, who headed up client relations, and his wife Catherine, who took charge of software development. Back then, the company was called Ungerboeck Systems, Inc. (USI) and was located in Chesterfield, Missouri USA.

In 1989, USI received requests from St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau and Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau to build custom solutions for their venues. USI took on the two projects, and the resulting product – Event Business Management Software (EBMS) – was born.

The company continued improving EBMS to answer the needs of the event industry. The software quickly became an essential tool in event professionals’ arsenals and carved out a foothold that was widely recognized throughout the industry. Even today, many long-standing customers across the globe still remember Ungerboeck as “EBMS” and continue to use that name to refer to the platform.

Going Global

In 1994, the first PC-based version of EBMS was launched, followed in 2003 by the highly rated Version 19 of the system. During this time, USI grew to expand its worldwide presence with regional offices in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and China to better support its global customers.

In 2012, USI upgraded the look, feel, and user experience of EBMS. With the release of the browser-based Version 20 came a name change – two, to be exact. The name of the company went from “Ungerboeck Systems, Inc.” to “Ungerboeck Software International,” and the EBMS product became “Ungerboeck Software.”

International expansion and the shift towards browser-based software were important milestones in Ungerboeck history. Over the next few years, the company continued to refine its strategy by putting customers first with solutions designed to significantly elevate user experience. Innovative mobile, agile, and connective solutions were released that increased productivity in event management organizations across all departments. And with this innovation came one more name change: “Ungerboeck Software International” became simply “Ungerboeck” in 2019.

Powering Through the Pandemic

Then came 2020, the year of the COVID-19 crisis. The event industry was impacted hard. The execution of large-scale onsite exhibitions became impossible because of worldwide government restrictions and health regulations. But even though the world came to a stop, events never did. Event professionals are nothing if not resourceful, and Ungerboeck helped them find ways to navigate this new world.

The company quickly responded to the market’s changing needs with virtual solutions to seamlessly manage online participants, statistics, and event details within the Ungerboeck platform. Hybrid virtual-onsite concepts were introduced, tools that made it easier to adhere to health regulations were developed, and entire teams devoted to customer success quickly jumped in to help.

Now, as the events industry begins to reopen, Ungerboeck’s future-forward event technology designed to bring people together, whether onsite or online, has helped shape post-pandemic events.

Setting the Stage for a Successful Future

Ungerboeck continues to grow today. In May 2021, the company received growth funding to expand and as a major first step, merged with another industry leader, EventBooking. The unification sealed the company’s position as the unrivaled leader in event software, powering the most venues in the world. Ungerboeck is the only global platform that works with venues, planners, organizers, service providers, and attendees.

Ungerboeck is also widely regarded as a great place to work, receiving numerous awards that rank it among the best employers both locally and nationally. Plans to double its workforce over the next few years are already underway.

With this new level of scale and investment, Ungerboeck will continue to offer valuable capabilities, evolving concepts, and disruptive innovations that elevate the entire events world. In 36 years, its mission has never changed: Empower people that bring people together.