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Best in Class: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

When teams are surveyed about the factors needed in the workplace to keep their organization successful it’s not unusual to hear things like: teamwork, better communication and collaboration. The good news is that technologies are emerging that can provide solutions for this challenge and transform them into Smart Venues. Leaders at organizations need to understand that for strong teams to create great experiences, they must make sure these key items are readily available through technology and work flows.

However, when you consider the full breadth of the team, we aren’t just talking about your staff. You also need to consider your contractors, suppliers, and most importantly your customers. Realizing every part of the team needs the tools to do their job independently while trying to achieve the same goals; it can be tempting to purchase best of breed solutions for each part of the organization. However, this can cause further information silos and worse yet; exclusion of your customers.

Ungerboeck believes that the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. Our Best in Class solution allows all the players on the team to work with the same information in real-time; without costly integrations from multiple data sources. Through Ungerboeck, real-time collaboration will allow for more transparency between teams, better tracking and reporting, increased productivity improved efficiency and greater success for your team than they would find working individually.

For some venues, breaking down the silos can be accomplished all at once and for others there is an evolutionary process. Either way, Ungerboeck can create plans allowing venues to work at their pace, to achieve their goals and enhance their business processes. All while delivering higher satisfaction, increased communication and better-connected relationships between your entire team and customers.