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Top Workplace Celebration
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Ungerboeck Continues Top Workplace Legacy in 2022

St. Louis, Mo. – Jan. 21, 2022 – Ungerboeck has been named a 2022 National Top Workplace for the second consecutive year. The honor is consistent with a decade of positive company culture at Ungerboeck, as this year’s recognition marks the 17th workplace award received since 2012.

The criterion for this honor is based on confidential employee feedback gathered through a survey conducted by Energage, an employee engagement technology provider. The anonymous survey measures several aspects of workplace culture, including alignment, execution, and connection, just to name a few.

“Over the last 12 months, we grew very rapidly. We acquired 3 companies and grew our headcount by 25%,” said Ungerboeck President & CEO, Manish Chandak. “Growth and integrations at this scale needs a workplace culture that makes this possible and welcoming for new employees. We are thankful for those we work with in these rapidly changing times.”

According to Energage, research shows that organizations that consistently earn the Top Workplace honor attract better talent, experience lower turnover, and are better equipped to deliver bottom-line results. Ungerboeck has experienced this first-hand with 57 employee hires in the past year, not including the staff welcomed from EventBooking, ShoWorks, and Priava. Given so much change and growth across Ungerboeck in 2021, the most recent award also speaks to the company’s ability to foster an impressive level of trust and overall satisfaction within its ranks, new or old.

For Executive Vice President, Steve Mackenzie, the intentional emphasis on creating an enjoyable atmosphere is easy to justify: “People cannot do their best work if they aren’t healthy, happy, and engaged. When we prioritize our people, every aspect of our business benefits.”


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For over 35 years, Ungerboeck has served as the event industry’s technology leader—driving innovation and helping organizations adapt to emerging trends. Ungerboeck proudly supports its worldwide client base from its global headquarters in the United States with regional presence in Germany, France, Mexico, England, Australia, and China.