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Ungerboeck Email Marketing puts increased sales at your fingertips

Wouldn’t it be great if you had everything you needed to increase sales right at your fingertips? If you could send emails directly from your CRM database, track clickthroughs and bouncebacks, and automatically log responses and create follow ups for sale reps all through one integrated system, you could increase productivity (and sales) exponentially. Good news! You have access to all of this functionality and more with Ungerboeck Email Marketing.

The fastest method of communication from your organization to a prospective customer is through email marketing. Ungerboeck’s integrated system enables email campaigns directly from your CRM system. You can use information in your database to execute targeted micro-campaigns to generate dramatically higher response rates. Such campaigns are much more successful than simply mass emailing from a mailing list. With the ability to choose which prospects receive your tailored message, you increase your response rate. And as you would expect, Ungerboeck Email Marketing automatically manages unsubscribe requests and bouncebacks from undeliverable addresses.

You can also use categories in your database to pull information that will target appropriate prospects and personalize your message. And you can do all this from Ungerboeck software! You don’t have to search, sort and export your prospects, check for duplicates and then import them into a completely different system. All of the important information is at your fingertips, just waiting for you to start making contact.

You’ll work more efficiently with Ungerboeck. Unlike standalone email marketing tools, Ungerboeck logs clickthroughs, with notifications sent to you for quick follow up. With trackable click-through reporting, you’ll be able to focus only on prospects that showed interest in your email by clicking on your links. Instead of having to follow up with your entire mailing list, you can target your follow-up phone calls to interested prospects, saving you time, and helping to increase sales.

After your email, analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns by reporting on clickthroughs, unsubscribes and bouncebacks. With this information, you can compare the rate of effectiveness of your message across campaigns. Ungerboeck also allows you to conduct A/B testing to analyze which messages and designs generate the most promising leads among different samples.

Ungerboeck provides you with everything you need to reach prospects and increase sales. You can do more in less time with an integrated system. Contact Ungerboeck today to find out what Ungerboeck Email Marketing can do for your organization.