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Optimize Your Operations with Exhibitions Organizer Software

Think about your current exhibitions management system. Does it do everything you need it to, or are you using multiple platforms to handle all the moving parts? Are you constantly chasing prospects using antiquated communications, manually entering information on spreadsheets, or wondering if all payments have been processed on time?

What if there was a better way? A way to integrate all those different functions into one streamlined system that maximizes your productivity and makes your job easier. Well, guess what – there is.

Ungerboeck for Exhibitions is the total package. It takes all the different applications you’re using now and combines them into one integrated event management solution that adapts to the dynamic needs of your business.

Visual example of multiple platforms being used to manage a project

How Does our Exhibition Software Work?

As the organizer, you know there are many ways to do things. After all, resourcefulness is part of the job. But for you and your team to fully realize your business potential, you need a comprehensive solution, not a collection of partial ones.

Ungerboeck offers a revolutionary, fully unified platform that eliminates the need for standalone products, costly compromises, and hit-or-miss integrations. Everything you need to successfully sell and manage an exhibition or trade show is there for you in one single, powerful, and comprehensive cloud-based platform. All the important information you, your staff, and your customers access is available in real time.

Ungerboeck comprehensive cloud based event portal for exhibitions management

What Are the Software Features?

Ungerboeck for Exhibitions covers every function an exhibition planner needs to successfully run a show:

  • The industry’s only purpose-built CRM is at its core. Capture all accounts, contacts, prospects and retain data from past events indefinitely.
  • It’s configurable to your processes and workflows. No more adapting to rigid templates.
  • An available API lets you integrate with other essential solutions, like association management systems, accounting packages, and marketing automation applications.
  • It allows quick and easy importing and exporting of floor plans (DWG files) with a simple, Microsoft Office-like interface. The full power of AutoCAD is available with basic training and sharing floor plans with your audience is easy.
  • Contracts and invoices are issued with minimal effort. Payments can be processed in any form either through the back office or online. It also supports payment plans, foreign currencies and taxes, and unlimited pricing schemes.
  • Virtually every process can be made self-serviceable through the Exhibitor Portal, a centralized hub to engage with customers and prospects. Task lists ensure that every exhibitor and sponsor is aware of important deadlines.
  • Emails are sent directly from the system using mail merge. A copy of every email, including ones sent and received through Outlook, are automatically stored in each company’s account record.
  • Made to be completely responsive, Ungerboeck for Exhibitions works equally well on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • An audit log captures every action, change, and update made in the system by date, time, and user ID.
  • It provides for 100% GDPR- and PCI-compliance.
  • The SaaS (i.e., subscription) model means there’s no per-event charges. Manage as many events as you want.
  • Multiple languages are already built in.
  • Designed to scale along with your business. The system can never be “outgrown”.
  • Includes user training so comprehensive that you’ll be self-sufficient right away. No time is wasted waiting for someone else to do it for you.
  • Also comes with world-class customer support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure you get the most from your Ungerboeck platform.
Animation of a dedicated Ungerboeck consultant who is available 24/7

How Would our Exhibit Sales and Management Solution Benefit You?

Two words: Added efficiency.

Whatever your challenges are, Ungerboeck has you covered with the perfect fit software solution that delivers all the essentials in one robust platform.

Data is accurate and reliable. Communication is quick and automated. Overall event management is easier and organized. Ungerboeck for Exhibitions is like having a virtual assistant. By delegating the most menial tasks you currently do yourself, you’ll free up time to work on things that add value to your organization, like building stronger relationships with customers and prospects, selling more (and more quickly), and just making your workday a lot smoother.

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