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Ungerboeck launches Professional-level Certifications

Ungerboeck launched its online training platform earlier this year and the response from event professionals was overwhelming. Over 7000 professionals already registered to take classes with more than 500 daily active users taking training.

Ungerboeck announced its Associate Certification program in June to augment its training program and now boasts hundreds event professionals as Associate certified. To take the proficiency to the next level, the technology provider is now launching the Ungerboeck Professional Certifications.

This new level has been developed for highly proficient event managers and administrators that not only master their day to day job but are capable of transforming business processes and helping others in the organization.

“Our training and certification initiatives have been very well received by our customers. As the event industry keeps digitalizing, event professionals are realizing the need to upskill to stay ahead of the technology curve and advance their career. The significant impact of COVID on our industry has made people even more aware of the increased importance of digital transformation. Everyone now understands that technology skill building is critical to the future of the industry. “, says Manish Chandak, President & CEO of Ungerboeck.

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