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Ungerboeck Payments: Making the Payments Process Effortless for Our Customers

As the world’s leading provider of event and venue management software, Ungerboeck supports thousands of events every year with solutions spanning sales, marketing, operations, ecommerce, and finance. Our customers already know this. But what hasn’t been discussed as much is that Ungerboeck is also one of the largest payment providers in the industry, having processed billions of dollars in payments through our platform.

Incredibly, we’ve integrated more than 50 different payment processors over the years to support customers in just as many countries. That experience has taught us a lot about payments, from foundational topics like compliance, security, and reliability to emerging issues like strong customer authentication and authorization rates.

We’ve also learned that despite our efforts, payments remain an area where Ungerboeck can be doing more to support our customers. We know this partly from self-reflection – payment integrations sometimes produce frustrating, fragile, and awkward experiences – but mostly we know because customers have told us.

We’ve consistently heard:

  • Customers are concerned an upgrade by their payment gateway or a new Ungerboeck version could break a payment gateway integration
  • Redirects to third-party gateways are error prone and lack visibility
  • Payment gateways aren’t providing adequate support
  • Customers don’t feel like their payment solution was built for them and doesn’t add much value
  • Managing multiple vendors for software and payment is confusing, costly, and inefficient

The launch of Ungerboeck Payments is a direct response to this feedback, and a commitment to sustained investment and innovation in payments. Check out the benefits of Ungerboeck’s integrated Payments Solution.

We’re passionate about payments not just because they’re a critical final step in each customer’s journey. We’re choosing to focus on innovating in payments because we know that when done well, payments technology helps businesses generate significantly more revenue and dramatically simplify their financial operations.

We believe accepting payments with Ungerboeck should:

  1. Always work seamlessly with Ungerboeck software
  2. Unlock new revenue streams and business models
  3. Offer uncompromising security
  4. Continuously expand the limits of reliability
  5. Provide elegantly simple payment experiences
  6. Be fully supported by Ungerboeck customer teams
  7. Require low-to-no maintenance

Ungerboeck Payments is where all these things are possible. It is the solution where Ungerboeck customers and their customers will have the best experiences and have access to the latest capabilities in compliance, security, payment methods, reporting, and automation.

Importantly, Ungerboeck Payments provides everything customers need to accept payments. That means no more managing outside vendor relationships and credentials.

As with all Ungerboeck solutions, customers that invest with Ungerboeck can be confident that Ungerboeck Payments is developed specifically for the events industry, supported by a team that knows their business, and will receive continued investment and updates.

The Ungerboeck Payments product journey begins with optimizing online payment acceptance and will quickly expand to include new solutions that improve on the on-site payment experience, simplify post-event accounts payable operations, and whatever else our customers need.

We’re incredibly excited that Ungerboeck can now be a true payments partner and source of expertise for our customers!

More information on Ungerboeck Payments is available here.