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Universities i can see clearly now the spreadsheets gone
4 Min Read

Universities: “I Can See Clearly Now the Spreadsheet’s Gone.”

When Johnny Nash’s hit single “

” was released in 1972, little did he know that it would someday serve as the soundtrack for when university event and meeting managers first experienced event and scheduling software revolutions. The sentiments Mr. Nash expresses capture the inextinguishable joy software users feel when they began to witness the clarity provided by top-of-the-class event and scheduling software.

Spreadsheets, like dark, rain-filled clouds of data

You see, without comprehensive, multi-purpose university management software, people use spreadsheets and Word docs and disparate systems to try to piece together projects, people, and data. It gets ugly. There are paper trails that have to be followed. Information gets lost in translation. Data has to be entered into multiple places. Manual coordination has to be done with multiple different departments for a single event. Spreadsheets can be evil.

The worst part is that most university’s revenue targets haven’t changed. In fact, they’ve gotten greater. University employees still need to further the mission of the organization. But, they often have less time and resources to do it. They have to do more with less, and they don’t have time to waste.

You can see all obstacles in your way

University management software gives you better widespread visibility, which makes all of the difference. Higher education organizations have successfully centralized their data into a single, airtight software system, so room reservations and booking, catering or food service, A/V scheduling and room set-ups, even equipment inventory tracking – are all in the same system. It makes event planning easier. It gives university event managers greater control, and it allows them to have a clear picture of what’s happening on their campus – every minute of every day.

All of the bad feelings have disappeared

Take it from Duke University. Since 1997, Duke has been using Ungerboeck’s centralized event planning and management software to orchestrate the many events on their 14,600 student campus.

At one time, student groups would have to call the event office during business hours to book a room for their meeting or event. The event managers would check room availability from within a variety of separate spreadsheets. The students would then contact media services for A/V equipment. Maybe they’d call maintenance for chairs or tables, and then contact food service for snacks and drinks – up to four different calls to four different departments for one meeting.

Now, the student groups go online, access their event management system at any time, search for the room that meets their needs, reserve the room, schedule A/V equipment and room set up, then order their food service – all in one place.

Duke also uses the centralized university software to manage its marine lab in a remote location, as well as its chapel that is a popular venue for weddings. Check out the full Duke University case study for more details around the benefits of a centralized university management software system.

It’s gonna be a bright, sun-shiny day

For universities, it’s all about furthering the mission of the organization and/or generating revenue. Centralized university management software increases efficiency, which boosts the bottom line. It streamlines processes to minimize busy work and maximize output. And, perhaps best of all, it can allow employees to focus on the jobs that need their personal attention, which leads to more productive, satisfied employees.

Hopefully I’ve done more than get a song stuck in your head. Hopefully I’ve made the case for clarity. One that you can share with your colleagues. One that I hope you get to experience for yourself.

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