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Venue Reopening: 3 Tech Solutions to Help you Welcome Back Safe Face-to-Face Events

Ungerboeck has shifted its focus to support venues as they reopen. Ungerboeck is rapidly innovating its event management platform to provide integrated solutions, responding to event venues’ needs and helping them prepare for the new world. We all have the same goal in mind, which is to want patrons to come back and to feel safe while they attend events in our venues.

During a dedicated webinar about Venue Reopening that gathered over 600 event professionals, Ungerboeck gave a preview of its latest tech solutions developed to help venues welcome back in person events safely:

Visitor Tracking

This self-service, sign in feature allows for precautionary measures, which have been put into place for recording event attendees. Ungerboeck has been working with venue leaders to determine the most important requirements we should take into consideration to help venues open their doors with confidence. The security of the venue as well as the safety of their staff and patrons within the venue has been voiced as one of the main priorities. Policies and strict regulations are being put into place on total attendance but also knowing who your visitors are is critically important information.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Simple tracking web form to request visitors basic info (first name, last name, email, phone) while also capturing important health screening questions like; have you had any of the following symptoms or have you traveled out of state in the last 14 days?
  • Confirmation emails sent to the visitor with a unique QR code that can be used to track attendance via our app.
  • Option to be able to approve or decline visitor attendance, based on answers from health screening questions.
  • Give Staff visibility to the status of the visitor with in the Registration Check-In App, which is available in the Apple store (approved, not approved, checked in)
  • At check in, staff can capture vitals, decline someone and note the reason why. Or if there are no issues, they can go ahead and check them in.
  • Dashboard shows percent of visitors checked in
  • Provide a list of safe visitors without health conditions In case of a potential positive visitor, the venue can contact event main contacts or daily visitors for them to take the appropriate precautions
  • Provide information to health authorities if required

Room Diagramming

This solution allows event managers to create room diagrams in a fully integrated experience with the Ungerboeck software while also helping the venue manage social distancing regulations.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Create room configurations directly from your booking calendar, events, and functions
  • Load up all your spaces with templated layouts and diagrams ready and just make modifications as needed.
  • Easily make amendments from a template- move around, text and notes
  • Layout changes are simple, accurate and performant
  • Visualize the distancing and foot traffic flow with accurate measurements
  • Arrange events with safe social distancing – highly flexible to adapt on the fly
  • Share PDF views of diagrams with event organizers via email as well as the customers event portal
  • Manage safe social distancing and maximize space utilization
  • Import space diagrams layouts and diagram items directly in the system

Operations Tasks

This special feature enables venue teams to accurately track and monitor cleaning and sanitization by providing staff with a mobile checklist of actionable items to account for and report more easily on both daily and event-based activities. Being able to capture your teams daily progress in real time will ensure greater accountability for the venue and the staff.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Accountability of daily activities and more efficient management
  • Managers can efficiently schedule and manage staff
  • Scalability for recurring tasks- easy to reschedule and make recurring
  • Real-time information that syncs with the back office – instant updates for all to see what is being done in the back office ensuring all are staying on schedule.
  • Easily able to print reports
  • The app makes it easy for staff to filter and sort by space, department, date while also being able to swipe to change status and show completed and move to the next item
  • Task sets can be used so staff is not having to recreate each time

To learn more about the Venue Reopening solutions, watch the recording of our Reopening Solutions webinar on the Ungerboeck Learning Center, visit our website or contact your Account Manager for more details.