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Venues Reopening in Europe

While several countries have started to reopen their economies, the events industry is facing challenges on different levels across the globe. The pace differs from region to region, so the international exchange of experiences has become essential to evaluate the individual situations and put strategies in place. Each country needs to deal with their government’s regulations and therefore has different challenges to face.

Guidance from Industry Associations

The UFI Status Tracker is providing insights on exhibitions and events reopening per country and is regularly kept updated with the latest information. Furthermore, the association has published a Global Framework for Reopening Exhibitions and B2B Trade Events available on their Covid-19 resources page to help shed lights on global measures and give some guidance to the industry.

Quite a lot of countries in Europe are still in lock-down with no current plans to open their venues to exhibitions anytime soon, for example the United Kingdom and most of the countries in the Middle East region. Nevertheless, in some European countries exhibitions are partially open or expected to open soon, for example Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. Restrictions in these countries imply limitations of people (for example <1000 people).

Some countries have concrete plans to reopen their exhibitions and venues within the next few weeks and months (subject to change daily).


  • Exhibitions in Belgium, Greece, Latvia, and Poland are open since June or July following restrictions or, in some cases, even without any conditions.
  • Qatar will reopen in September.

  • The French government has announced that trade shows and exhibitions are scheduled to restart as of September 1

Hybrid Events in Germany

In Germany, where exhibitions and trade shows have been separated from mass gatherings at an early stage, trade shows and B2B events are due to re-open from August 31.

German Industry Associations Offering Hybrid Events:

German exhibition association FAMA will hold a Hybrid conference on June 29 at Messe Düsseldorf, applying all of the current safety and hygiene rules for the live part of the event, i.e. distance rules and sanitary measures. Some of the sessions will be streamed.

The European association for venues and conference centers EVVC will follow the example of organizing a Hybrid, offering a live event at Estrel Berlin and Online Sessions in order to accommodate the participants who cannot travel.

Venues in Europe Reopening: Quo Vadis?

Industry associations are constantly working on providing and optimizing guidelines to facilitate the reopening strategies of exhibitions and venues. It is now more important than ever to keep the exchange and communication on-going. Event industry experts need to share experiences and consult each other on what has worked in their particular venue so far, and be as transparent as possible with their safety policies so others in the industry can benefit from the experience.