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We Have a Solution for That: Fairs Edition

Ungerboeck for Fairs and Fairgrounds is used by 60% of the top fairs in the U.S. for a very good reason: The software manages every facet of your business in one comprehensive platform. Simplify event planning, boost year-round revenue, and improve efficiency and reporting with these valuable and time-saving tools.

Tools for Planning the Fair

Multiple systems vs one system

Multiple systems vs one to manage everything

Fair planning is a complex process. Relying on paper files and mismatched software complicates it even more.

Cut down on the clutter of planning a fair with Ungerboeck’s single system. What’s typically done through multiple phone calls and emails via multiple software applications can all be managed within the same platform. Ungerboeck cancels the noise caused by too many systems and creates a better experience for your vendors and staff.

Vendor tools. Self-service has been introduced wherever possible to empower vendors to complete tasks on their own, freeing up time for you. Applications, contracts, and digital floor plans can all be uploaded and shared in the Vendor Portal. Concessions tracking is also available, and payments can be processed too. Each of these features makes it easier for vendors to do business with your fair and creates a great client experience.

Staff tools. One system means less paper and better communication for your staff members. Ungerboeck’s reliable communication hub and real-time mobile task lists make it easier for your team to stay in the loop during the fair when you’re rarely at your desks. Calls for special resources needed for specific events can be sent instantly to your setup team.

Tools to Help Fill Revenue Gaps

Mobile and desktop winter calendar

Ungerboeck booking calendar for off season

Don’t let your revenue stream come to an end just because the fair is. Off-peak season events will let you continue generating funds all year round.

Selling event space by renting out your facilities can positively impact your bottom line and create a sense of community around the fairgrounds at the same time. The expansive space on your grounds can host unique events like festivals, concerts, and agricultural exhibitions. They’re all huge for the community and can generate steady revenue.

Ungerboeck gives fair organizers the unique ability to start with running a simple event and grow into complex, multi-day fair management. Everything you need to plan a full event season featuring events of all types is here:

  • A purpose-built CRM for better sales opportunities
  • An online booking calendar to manage each of your spaces
  • Integrated data and invoices that make adding resources to an event easy
  • Detailed reporting on what types of events are most profitable
  • Planning tools for hosting special off-season events

Any of these solutions can help ease the pain if you scramble every year to fill revenue gaps between fairs.

Tools for Optimal Operational Efficiency

Icons listing operational tools

Operational efficiency

Fairs are complex events to pull off, but the antiquated systems organizers hold onto can make running them even more complicated. Ungerboeck combines all the systems you need, simplifying the entire process from start to finish.

Share information instantly. Communicate with staff, vendors, and other customers directly within the system, eliminating the need for meetings and status reports.

Self-serve vendor resources. With these online tools, vendors can order resources on their own, provide their own information, and complete secure payment transactions themselves.

Easy floor planning. Our floor planning tool organizes your fair with a visual of where things will be placed throughout your grounds. You can also generate vendor contracts and proposals within the system.

Grounds management and reporting. Put the right events in the right spaces with Ungerboeck’s booking calendar. Manage the needs of the events and able to push out the deliverables with the operations team. Plus, reporting is easier than ever with all the data stored in a single system.

Tools for Reporting and Analytics

Icons and List of Reports

Any report you need

Whether you’re generating reports for one specific event or for multiple business overviews, reporting and analytics can take hours out of your day.

Ungerboeck’s reporting and analytics tools cover all corners of your business. With Ungerboeck, you can create all types of reports in minutes using actionable data you can confidently leverage to make business decisions.

Event-specific reporting. Pull data as it’s input into Ungerboeck and distribute it instantly. Any changes you make are automatically updated throughout the system, so you only need to make them once. Having a system that tracks what was originally ordered versus what was actually delivered and any changes made makes it much easier to finalize event reports and invoices.

Fair-specific reporting. Because information is tracked within Ungerboeck, fair-specific reports are quick and easy to generate. Run reports for vendor types and commissions, booth spaces sold, retention rates, and more.

Business analysis reporting. See the numbers that reveal the overall state of your business. Board reports are all included within one dashboard. Run reports on trends and revenues, sales forecasting, financial impact, and operational efficiency. And if you have specific, one-off questions about your business, Ungerboeck lets you run ad-hoc reports to find the answers you need.

Ungerboeck offers tools purpose-built for the fairs industry that help you plan, generate revenue, operate, and report on a higher level. Create the innovative experiences vendors and attendees want along with the efficiency fair organizers need.