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We Live and Love Events: Our People Help you Build Your Success

Over the past 20 years, event technology has been evolving dramatically, changing the face of events as we knew them. A recent study led by EventMB revealed that 71% of event professionals planned to increase their investment in event tech last year, a figure that was significantly exceeded when face-to-face events were replaced by virtual experiences due to the global pandemic.

Despite the predominant role that technology plays in delivering events, there is one major thing that events could not exist without: the people behind that technology. For more than 35 years, Ungerboeck has been leading the way in event technology and has become a true partner to event organizations on their path towards digitalization. And this success has been mainly driven by the people within the organization – from experienced Customer Success Managers to Consultants and Account Managers

Starting the New Year With 100% Event Power

As we begin 2021, it has never been more important to work with trusted experts that will help us deliver the solutions that will support the rebound of the industry. Our people are passionate about the events industry and some of them have been working in event management for over 20 years. Their passion for events and their relentless hunger for knowledge make them valuable assets to help us build the technology that will help deliver tomorrow’s events.

While the event industry is broad and diverse, we have been continuously hiring the brightest event professionals to serve the industry: from exhibitions and trade shows, to conferences and congresses, to venues and space management. These subject matter experts play a key role in helping you become even more successful as an event organization. They know what it takes to set up an event, they know which processes are needed to keep a venue running, and finally, they love what they do! This is what makes us unique as a company and indispensable as a technology partner for successful event organizers and venues of all sizes.

Event Industry Hires

Ungerboeck: A Top Technology Workplace

Not only is Ungerboeck uniting a wonderful international team of experienced event professionals, but it also has been awarded as a "Top Technology Workplace" in the United States recently.

The Award has been given to Ungerboeck following a national Survey conducted across the country.

If you are interested in becoming part of our international team, check out our Careers page to view our open positions in the different regions: https://ungerboeck.com/about-us/careers

Together, let’s create amazing events.