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What venues need to know about cloud based software
3 Min Read

What Venues Need to Know About Cloud-Based Software

In the “old days,” software packages arrived in a box. As the Internet evolved, software could be downloaded to a single PC or a network and operated on premises. Today, thanks to cloud computing, the software resides remotely (on a network of third-party computers) along with the data, opening up a wide range of possibilities for venues of all sizes.

Use Only What You Need

Cloud computing allows developers to build extremely full-featured software products—a sort of smorgasbord of anything and everything a venue could want—and allow customers to use (eat) only what they need and expand (eat more) only when they’re ready. This Software as a Service (SaaS) concept allows facilities of all sizes to adjust the offerings to meet their specific business needs.

Get Up and Running Faster

Because the tedious part of deploying software—downloading, installing, and configuring—is eliminated in a SaaS model, users can get to work more quickly.

The days of requiring a six-month lead-time to become operational are now reduced to a month or two, or in some cases (for small venues) a few days.

Access Help Any Time

Because there is a community of customers being served by any SaaS software, most platforms have forums and a knowledge base of best practices and tips that users can access at any time of day. This trouble-shooting strategy eliminates the need for purchasing big service packages or waiting for responses to common problems.

Reduce Overall IT Costs

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of software in the cloud is that is lowers the cost of all technology resources required by the organization in multiple ways:

  • Massive economies of scale and efficiency improvements serve to continually lower prices.
  • Cloud computing enables pay-as-you-go and pay-for-only-what-you-need models.
  • The amount of hardware and network infrastructure that is required to work from the cloud is drastically reduced.
  • Cloud Computing drives down up-front and on-going IT labor costs.

Access from Anywhere

Software that is delivered via the Internet can be accessed from anywhere (that has an Internet connection) and from any device, including mobile devices (laptop, mobile phone, tablet). For companies that operate venues in multiple geographic destinations (including international) it means that every employee can access the same software and data no matter where they are. Remote workers (in the exhibit hall or off site) have access to the same system as office workers.

Use the Most Advanced Version

SaaS users never have to worry about upgrading the software they purchase. When the software is upgraded for one user on the cloud, it’s upgraded for all users. Gone are the days when a new version becomes available and the entire organization has to stop what they’re doing so that IT can install the upgrade on everyone’s computer.

The Software as a Service model (SaaS) that is enabled by cloud computing is more than a trend. It is the state-of-the art in software delivery and the deployment model of the future for all developers. It provides venues with more flexibility and convenience at a lower cost of ownership than on-premises alternatives.

This post was written exclusively for Ungerboeck by Michelle Bruno, MPC, Bruno Group Signature Events