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Which type of participant are you?

Which type of participant are you?

The more conferences and congress you have attended, the better you know the feeling after events. Either

  • You were very inspired and you were bubbling over with ideas
  • You were completely unsatisfied, because you couldn’t really say whether or not attending the event has been worthwhile
  • Or you were really disappointed, because the event felt like a waste of time.

Are you completely sure to say the other attendees felt the same way you did? Probably not.

Types of participants and the customer experience

What are the different types of participants? How are they impacted by the use of different elements of meeting methodology and technology? And how do these elements affect knowledge the experience value of an event for different types of participants (e.g. prosumers and consumers)?

The innovation network „Future Meeting Space” is addressing these issues. This is a project from the German Convention Bureau and the EVVC (European Association of Event Centres) in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. With the project current developments and trends within the events industry will be analyzed and systematized.

Within this research, the innovation network is conducting a survey. Take part in the survey now! The purpose is first to find out what and how many types of participants there are and second to develop a better understanding of how to handle the different categories. The project’s objectives are to get to know participants better: their expectations and demands towards events as well as their world of experience, how they go through and perceive an event. Not only event planners and event managers, but also participants benefit from the analyzation and the conclusions drawn from it.

Challenges in event management

Nowadays event organizers have to offer more than just a network, interesting presenters and a good topic – buzzword: customer experience. Event managers are well aware of the importance of knowing your clients as well as your clients’ clients. Persona/s, the customer journey as well as touchpoints are decisive factors for an event’s success too.

Meanwhile, for many event planners designing the event experience is one of the biggest challenges of their business. The difficulty is that humans are different, and every event attendee perceives differently and evaluates an event in an individual way.

Hence, it’s a very personal matter what way the event experience for each individual participant will turn out. At the end of the survey you will receive an immediate feedback: learn what type of participant you are and what distinguishes you from other participants.

A better understanding for different types of participants

Motivate your event attendees and colleagues to complete the survey as well. By supporting this research not only your event success will improve. As the project will deliver concrete suggestions you and your event management will also benefit from the results.

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Your views matter!

How are meetings impacted by different elements of meeting methodology and technology? And how do such elements affect knowledge transfer, learning progress, networking and the experience value for different types of participants? These are the questions which are asked by the innovation alliance »Future Meeting Space« as it continues its research. To investigate, the association is now conducting the following survey among participants, which should take you about 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you very much for helping us in this way.

Which type of participant are you?

By completing the questionnaire, you will support the research project, and we will also send you a personal analysis via an immediate feedback function. It means that, even at this early stage, you can compare yourself with a continually growing database of participants and look at the areas where you differ.

The survey is intended for participants of events (meetings and conferences), and its questions cover demographic data, individual patterns of behaviour, an event you have visited, the methods and media that were used at that event and also central success factors such as knowledge transfer and interaction. It will close on 17 May 2018. Further details of the project can be found at future-meeting-space.com