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Winner of the 2022 VMA Young Achiever of the Year Announced

Caitlin Tilbee, VMA 2022 Young Achiever and Steve Mackenzie

Steve Mackenzie and Caitlin Tilbee

Since 2016, Ungerboeck has been the proud sponsor of the VMA Young Achiever of the Year, recognizing the outstanding contributions of the young professionals in our industry. This year, Ungerboeck would like to extend our congratulations to the VMA 2022 Young Achiever of the Year Winner, Caitlin Tilbee.

Having worked her way up from a casual event day staff member to now being the Senior Event Coordinator at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville, Caitlin is the embodiment of an outstanding Young Achiever. With the venue only opening in 2020 and still in its formative years, Caitlin was required to bring a flexible approach to delivering events through COVID, rather than establishing protocols around the concept of a business-as-usual approach.

Caitlin leads a team of two that was responsible for delivering 23 major events, more than double the number of major events previously held in the venue and welcomed and delivered outstanding service to five new major hirers during the year.

“It’s been amazing to receive this award and be recognized for my work in the events industry at this scale,” Ms Tilbee said. “I’m excited to use this opportunity to continue to grow my event knowledge, skills and relationships through this exciting network and continue to help create amazing experiences for the fans of north Queensland.”

“Caitlin has made a significant impact to the industry over the past 12 months. This is a very well-deserved recognition of her hard work. We are proud of our longstanding partnership with the VMA that allows us to support the development of the young talents of our industry like Caitlin every year.” said Ungerboeck Executive Vice President, Steve Mackenzie.