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Work Smarter with Ungerboeck for Corporate Facility Management

As Ungerboeck strategizes with corporate partners, one reality we’re recognizing in real estate strategy and space management is that the dynamic workplace is here to stay. Occupancy management and real-time space optimization for events has never been more important.

Companies are facing the fact that employees are coming into the office less frequently than before the pandemic. CBRE’s survey, The Future of the Office, found that 80% of large companies and 66% of medium companies see their future workplace environment as “hybrid guided flexibility,” meaning employees will have the flexibility to work in an office or virtually.

What does this mean for companies?

It means having key metrics and space optimization in one place is imperative. Companies need to have the best event management technology to help them work smarter. Working smarter requires having visibility to space optimization data for public conference spaces and managed spaces throughout your building. It can shed light on event details such as space usage, resources needed, resource tracking, and internal charge backs, plus it gives you a sense of control over your costs while delivering those exceptional experiences to your employees.

Person holding phone with ungerboeck online space booking on screen

Ungerboeck Online Space Booking

In addition to visibility to space utilization, we understand the importance placed on employee experience, flexibility, and the employee’s daily journey. Empowering your employees and making it easier for them to book meetings to foster collaboration and productivity in person is what we do best. Ungerboeck’s revolutionary e-commerce tools, such as Online Space Booking, transform the way your employees' book space and order catering, while maximizing visibility and productivity for both the employees and your staff.

Ungerboeck understands Corporate Event Management to the core. It is what we do, and we are here to help your team find a solution for all your spaces, for your team, and most importantly for the employee experience that WE KNOW you hold in highest regard.

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