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Your Community Curtain Call

The interdependency of the performing arts and the community is undeniable. As you look at the threads binding them together, there are a few things that can be done to improve the relationship your performing arts venue has with your community.

Know Your Cast – Learn your audience. What’s happening in the community? Are there things that are working? What’s not working? How can your organization help fill the gaps? Before you start planning, you need to understand the beat of the world around you. How is your community changing? Do you know who your customer is? Where is there growth in the community and how can your performing arts center help that emerging segment?

Once you have a deeper understanding of the world around you, then you’ll be able to create performances and programs that represent your shared, societal values. This is not a one-and-done exercise but rather an ongoing process that evolves overtime.

Take the Lead - Invest your time in attending other community events. Create meaningful partnerships and programs with other businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations to best fit the needs of everyone in the world around you. Be a good public citizen. Get involved, stay active in the community, donate your time (and money, if possible) and do good work anywhere and everywhere you can! It won’t go unnoticed and grows the support from others in your community. It creates awareness, keeping you top of mind and on the consideration set when those in your community are looking for local experiences and things to do.

Keep the Spotlight in Focus – The Arts bring a community together. It’s the glue connecting different races, cultures, genders, ages and socio-economic groups, regardless of their background and beliefs. It’s about building relationships, creating a shared sense of belonging and a unified pride with others. Don’t ignore the diversity within your community…CELEBRATE it. Create amazing shows and events that captivate and bring your community together!