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Ungerboeck for Convention Centers

One platform for all your venue management needs

Only Ungerboeck delivers a complete software solution for your convention & exhibition center. Our venue management software is capable of driving accuracy and efficiency in a way that others simply can't provide. From small centers to renowned landmarks, Ungerboeck offers solutions for Convention & Exhibition Centers of all sizes.


Does producing a monthly forecast take you the entire month?

Ungerboeck centralizes information

  • See where clients are in the sales pipeline.
  • View client's history, preferences, receivables status and all related documents at a glance.
  • Better answer questions and identify upsell opportunities quickly.

Are you making a dent in the rainforest due to the amount of paper you go through?

Ungerboeck offers digital reports

  • Mobile work orders, customizable dashboards, and personalizable views.
  • All event information is easy to find because it's all in one place.
  • No going to multiple areas of the system to get critical data.

Does each department keep information in its own "system"?

Ungerboeck helps eliminate siloed documents

  • Information is entered once and flows through the unified CRM, booking, operations, and financials software.
  • Process adoption and training new staff is made easier and more efficient than ever before.

Is maximizing venue utilization a hot topic around your center?

Ungerboeck helps create the right mix of events

  • Maximize space utilization and increase profitability.
  • Attract new, diverse, and non-traditional events & get repeat customers.
  • Get visibility into the most profitable events and make smart strategic decisions.

Product Features

Scalable Solutions for Convention Centers of all Sizes

Opportunity Management

Don't let another sales opportunity get lost due to a process problem. Optimize your sales force by providing a sales process that organizes and manages opportunity and follow up so that your sales team is spending their time on the most important (and profitable) pieces of business and not just the next email that comes into their inbox.

Booking Calendar & Beyond

Visualize your venue's upcoming events as well as the open dates all in one graphical booking calendar. The booking calendar provides visibility to the organization about what is happening in the venue as well as providing the sales team a quick way to see what dates are available for their clients. Ungerboeck's powerful availability searching tools also allow sales to enter several scenarios and find the best fit for their customer.

Exhibitor Service Center

Exhibitor Service Center is a specialized e-commerce product that rises to the challenges of exhibitor sales with style and functionality. Exhibitor Service Center presents items and offerings in the best possible light via a beautiful, branded website with a familiar, Amazon-like user experience.

Recommended additions, related upgrades and bundled packages make upsells easy and natural, while the ability to designate featured items draws attention to best-sellers and offerings with higher profit margins.

Event Planning & Execution

Details. Details. Details. Customers' satisfaction with your venue rests entirely on attention to the details. Ungerboeck's event planning features allow you to create event schedules accounting for every minute of an event and all the behind the scenes activities that need to take place to pull off a flawless event while making it look effortless. From setup to catering to A/V, you and your team have visibility to everything you need to create a memorable event.

Integrated Event-centric Financials

As the only audit ready financial solution built specifically for the venue industry, only Ungerboeck can provide financials that incorporate information from sales, operations, and financial transactions.

Eliminating the need to re-key information into a separate financial system, means invoices get out faster, payments are received more quickly, and financial information is more accurate.

DISCOVER the Ungerboeck advantage

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Ungerboeck delivers world-leading event management technology that empowers over 50,000 users in more than 50 countries.

For more than 35 years, Ungerboeck has been the leader in providing software to the events industry, driving innovation and helping organizations adopt to the emerging trends in events. The organization’s signature platform is available in six languages. Ungerboeck proudly supports its worldwide client base from its global headquarters in St. Louis, USA with regional presence in Germany, France, Mexico, England, Australia, China and Hong Kong.