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Ungerboeck for Councils
One Solution

That unites all departments across council

Replace multiple, complex systems that don’t to speak to one another. Only Ungerboeck delivers a complete software solution for councils and local government, to centralise all your space scheduling and event planning. Whether you manage recreation or event spaces, public facilities, venues, or community events, Ungerboeck has you covered.

Here are just a few of the local government councils throughout Asia-Pacific who partner with Ungerboeck

Unique Benefits

Flexible, custom defined fields capture the data you want, the way you want.

Save Time and Money

Replace multiple stand-alone software packages with one integrated solution.

Bookings and Event Scheduling

Maximise space utilisation on non-performance days and increase profit potential to help meet budget goals.

Online Scheduling and Calendars

Provide your community with transparent information so they can request the right space and services.

Financials in a Flash

Track expenses and revenues in real time; create audit-ready, event-specific financial statements.

Integrate with Vendors

Easy API for seamless integration with third-party solutions.

Customise your Needs

Capture all event enquiries online with customisable customer opportunity web forms.


Say no to double bookings!

Gain insights into what is really going on each day with the most comprehensive event booking calendar around.

  • Access information quickly with one synchronised, configurable solution.
  • Personalise the calendar to your department.
  • Make and confirm bookings online.

Venue management software for event spaces, facilities, and much, much more.

No matter what size event space or venue your council manages, Ungerboeck Software offers an easy-to-operate system that is straightforward, fluid and customisable to every user within your organisation.

  • Perfect for all your council-owned/managed venues and facilities such as halls, parks, sporting grounds, beaches, showgrounds, performance and cultural centres.
  • Personalised views for each space or department.
  • Simple search function for available spaces.
  • Calculate prices, fees and more.
  • Set notifications and alerts for holidays and special occasions.

Putting your Events Centre Stage

Get everyone on the same page with one streamlined solution for scheduling, operations management and accounting and find the confidence and freedom you need to pursue your true passion for the arts. Click now to discover how Ungerboeck can power your Theatre and Performing Arts Centre.

  • Engage audiences
  • Improve team communication
  • Manage Information
  • Simplify processes
  • Reduce production costs
  • Get instant visibility on invoices and payments from a single system

Product Features

Booking Calendar & Beyond

Visualise your venue's upcoming events and open dates all in one graphical booking calendar. The booking calendar provides visibility across council of everything booked within each venue or space, as well as providing booking officers with a quick way to see all available dates.

Ungerboeck's powerful availability searching tools also allow coordinators to enter several scenarios and find the best fit for each enquiry.

Managing Festivals, Markets and Community Events

Ungerboeck’s intuitive stall-management portal serves as a one-stop shop for booking market spaces, making it possible for organisers to maximise the number of self-serviceable tasks, while simultaneously exposing stallholders to additional promotional opportunities, and driving incremental income. Empower users with the ability to simplify stallholders’ processes, executing contracts, making payments, uploading documents, and connecting directly to official service providers to place orders. As an added convenience, organisers can provide stallholders with a custom “Check List” to guide them through all required tasks.

Stall Management Made Simple with a Unified Floor Plan

Ungerboeck’s floor plan management solution has been designed from the ground up using the powerful precision of AutoCAD, but with ease-of-use features found in products like MS Office. Ungerboeck simplifies the process of creating and managing market and festival floor plans, creating and merging stalls, assigning stallholders, and much more via a precise but simple-to-use interface. Ungerboeck’s Floor Plan lets you manage every detail without ever leaving the floor plan application.

Make Financials a Breeze

As the only audit ready financial solution built specifically for events and venues, only Ungerboeck can provide event-related financial data that incorporates bookings, operations, and financial transactions.

Eliminating the need to re-key information into a separate financial system, means invoices go out faster, payments are received more easily, financial information is more accurate and increased staff productivity with reducing double data entry. Ungerboeck Financials also has the capabilities to integrate with any Council Financials System.

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About Ungerboeck


Councils powered by Ungerboeck across Asia-Pacific

Ungerboeck delivers world-leading event management technology that empowers over 50,000 users in more than 50 countries.

For more than 35 years, Ungerboeck has been the leader in providing software to the events industry, driving innovation and helping organisations adapt to the emerging trends in events. The organisation’s signature platform is available in six languages. Ungerboeck proudly supports its worldwide client base from its global headquarters in St. Louis, USA with regional presence in Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, France, England and Mexico.