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Ungerboeck for Higher Education
One Platform

For all your higher education event management needs

Only Ungerboeck Software delivers a complete and unified solution for universities. With Ungerboeck, you can centralize the spaces, facilities, event details and registration all in one system. Whether you are reserving space, detailing an event, tracking equipment inventory, setting up, handling billing and accounting, or getting attendees registered, Ungerboeck has you covered.



  • Optimize reservation requests, manage approvals, track space availability, inventory, catering, setup, parking fees, billing, payment and so much more.
  • View clients history, preferences, receivables status and all other related documents at a glance.
  • Event information is centralized in one location for compliance, auditability, security, campus safety, customer service, staff productivity and peace of mind.


  • Mobile work orders, customizable dashboards, and personalizable views.
  • All event information is easy to find because it's all in one place.
  • No need for going to multiple areas of the system to get critical data.


  • Accommodates a variety of registration events including conferences, camps, courses, seminars, workshops, member based events and more.
  • Ability for registrants to register themselves + 1 or more others + pay in a secure PCI compliant way.
  • CRM and shopping cart registration system for people to complete non- credit course enrollment.

Product Features

Booking Calendar & Beyond

Visualize your upcoming events as well as the open dates all in one graphical booking calendar. The booking calendar provides visibility to the organization about what is happening in the venue as well as providing the sales team a quick way to see what dates are available for their clients. Ungerboeck's powerful availability searching tools also allow sales to enter several scenarios and find the best fit for their customer.

Event Planning & Execution

Details. Details. Details. Customers' satisfaction rests entirely on attention to the details. Ungerboeck's event planning features allow you to create event schedules that account for the behind the scenes activities needed to take place to pull off a flawless event while making it look effortless. From setup to catering to A/V, you and your team have visibility to everything necessary to create a memorable event.


Ungerboeck offers the only commercial off-the-shelf solution that provides the flexibility to support the unique registration needs that surround registration for courses, meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences and private corporate training engagements.

We provide an engaging, yet simple to use experience for all customer types whether it’s a parent registering a child for a camp, a student registering themselves for an 8-week course or a 1-day seminar, or a business professional registering with three colleagues for a 2-day multi-track conference.


From start to finish everything is in one unified system. Manage the most up to date information about your events from event timelines and agendas, to resource needs and execution details.

All service and work orders are automatically updated any time a change is made, keeping your team up to speed and on track. Seamlessly manage all of your equipment and food and beverage needs, see what’s on hand, what’s being used and what needs to be replenished in real time inventory.

Integrated Event-centric Reporting

Ungerboeck offers hundreds of standard reports, plus the ability to create your own custom reports that easily export to Microsoft Excel or PDFs. View operations, statistical and financial information right on your computer screen as charts, graphs and tables while also being able to right click and be able to export and view or print. Track your expenses and revenue in real time and be able to create audit ready, event specific financial statements.





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Ungerboeck puts you at the center of one unified system

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Ungerboeck Software was purpose built for the events industry more than 30 years ago. Many of our team members have been involved and worked within the events industry so we understand your needs and challenges you face.

We have more than 50,000 event professionals in our network, allowing us to provide amazing best practices and an unmatched knowledge base, benefiting all.

We are based in the United States and have offices in six countries(Germany, France, Australia, China, UK and Hong Kong). Every member of our support team is an Ungerboeck employee so every person our customers come in contact with truly understand the product, and the industry.