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With Ungerboeck, your company is transformed with one holistic integrated end-to-end system. When you're dealing with a larger deliverable and not an individual, you need to make sure your system is unified. Manage your company by staying on top of booking orders, processing orders, menu management and delivery management. With a complete integrated life-cycle that is self-contained, you can be sure everything checks off accordingly.

We were in need of a system that could manage 30+ venues, and we liked the fact that with Ungerboeck everything we needed was in the one system.


Booking Management

Give sales the flexibility to sell

Empower your salespeople to create tailored menus without compromising your profit margin. Substitutable menu items allow your sales team to produce a menu that satisfies the customer’s wishes while staying within an acceptable cost range. At any moment, sales can view the margin on a specific menu and create what-if scenarios and quickly see the impact on your profit margin.

Ungerboeck online event ordering catering screens

Maintain menu control and margins

Chefs will be delighted when they’re able to control what item selections are available within a particular menu. By designing multiple standard menus, the sales team can choose from, the chefs will be in better control of what requests are coming into their kitchens. Unlike other catering systems that build menus using notes, Ungerboeck menus are built from menu items with per person ratios so the chef can link easily back to inventory and purchasing.

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More Transparency and Productivity Equals More Revenue

Catering eCommerce

Improve the customer experience

Customers are more satisfied when they have a single unified experience and don’t have to repeat the same information to multiple people. With Ungerboeck Catering, we give your customers the flexibility to order anytime, anywhere and on any device. And the best part is, all the event information is in one place, so your entire organization will always be in sync.

Ungerboeck catering screen for performing arts

Manage changes without paper cuts

Deliver catering services with a higher level of accuracy than you ever have before. With changes automatically tracked and reported, your event orders will always be up-to-date. Communicating changes is automatic and seamless, eliminating the need to spend hours in meetings reviewing the changes or hoping you remembered to add them manually.

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Catering Callout

Talk to a Catering Expert

The Ungerboeck Catering module allows you to seamlessly manage the delivery of food services — from menu planning to purchase to delivery. Get in touch with one of our experts and find out how we can help.

Common Questions

What is an event catering management platform?

An event catering management platform allows you to manage all aspects of event catering in a single system. Contrary to traditional catering management solutions, an event catering software is specifically designed to help manage food and beverage orders for the event industry.

What are the benefits of using an event catering management software?

An event catering management software fully integrates with your event management platform, so all the information and orders related to the one event are stored in a central location. By using one holistic integrated end-to-end system, you significantly improve your internal processes to confirm orders, manage menus and deliver items quickly and efficiently.

What are the key features available in the Ungerboeck Event Catering Management solution?

Ungerboeck Event Catering Management solution gives you the possibility to create tailored menus and substitute items based on customer preferences and inventory availability. Ungerboeck also provides an online platform where clients can place their food and beverage orders for their next event. Any order modification is captured in real time in the event management platform.