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CRM and Sales Management

"Event professional" makes a regular appearance on the list of most stressful jobs. Often this is due to the fact that those charged with handling the event management software, financials, event booking & scheduling, and event sales are only able to see a small piece of the complete puzzle.

Only Ungerboeck covered the remit of almost everything on our wish list and had the real pedigree in the international convention market.


Customer Management

Understand What’s Really Going On

Get a powerful, 360-degree view into the success of your sales process. Use Ungerboeck’s CRM to manage and track the things that matter, and help your sales staff ensure that valuable opportunities don't slip through the cracks. Create in-depth reports, and dive deep into opportunities and avenues for revenue growth.

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Leads & Opportunities

Improve Your Sales Processes

Organize, personalize and manage opportunities inside of your CRM so that you efficiently spend your time in the most profitable places. Ensure that your sales teams are accurately applying your processes and are adhering to best practices. Get your sales team to work smarter.

Event Planner portal
Marketing Campaigns & Lists

Client & Customer History

Manage recurring events and customers; seizing opportunities to boost your profits by upselling existing clients into better events. Understanding your customer is one thing, but being able to execute actionable plans on top of that information is what Ungerboeck can finally help your business do. Our event CRM system provides your sales team with a single source of the truth.

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Proposals & Contracts

Automate Your Processes, Cut Down on Mistakes and Save Time

Generate contracts and proposals in no time with pre-designed templates. Automatic reminders and central storage make follow-up a breeze. Managing your documents is an essential part of sales management, and Ungerboeck provides a comprehensive system to allow this to occur.

Proposal contracts
Electronic Signatures

Send, Sign, and Close Deals Faster

Accelerate your often manual, paper-based processes by completing them online from start to finish. Transform every decision, proposal approval or contract signature into a secure and simple digital action on any mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

Electronic Signatures
Advertising & Sponsors Sales

Empower your Outbound Sales Team

Having complete client history and activity information right at your fingertips means you’ll have all the relevant information you need to close more sales, generate more leads, and nurture relationships properly. The Ungerboeck event CRM can help your outbound sales team growth their pipeline quickly and easily.

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Venue Management

Real-Time Venue Management Tools

Get a clear view of exactly what’s happening inside of your venue and when. Ungerboeck's venue management software provides a dynamic system that quickly allows all users to see event changes and information in real-time. Get up to the minute information changes and alerts that can help prevent crazy last minute scrambles.

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CRM Callout

Talk to a CRM & Sales Management Expert

Here at Ungerboeck we provide a unified view of everything; while cutting out the things that cost your event, venue, conference or trade show time and money like dual entries, communication errors, and disconnected systems. Get in touch with one of our experts to help get you on track.