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Event Planning & Communications

The most important part of an event is to create a safe, memorable, and seamless experience for the attendees.

With Ungerboeck software Event Planning features, the venue and event organizers are on the same page, working together so that no details slip through the cracks. Increase organizers satisfaction by collaborating with them to ensure all tasks at hand are synchronized.

Ungerboeck’s software covers the event industry's entire planning, sales, operations and financial platforms. The end-to-end view will further enhance our team’s internal coordination as well as customer service satisfaction.


Event Portal

Streamline the Event Planning Process

With our online destination for true collaboration with event organizers, there is no more missed deadlines, tracking down documents or figuring out what planning is left to do in the event process.

Elevate your customers planning experience and improve satisfaction by allowing them to manage tasks related to their event, view documents, review and pay invoices, view registrants, order items required for their event such as AV equipment, furniture, and catering.

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Ungerboeck event portal screen for conference centers
Event Communications Hub

Unlock Event Information

Communication is crucial to event execution. Make sure the key operational stakeholders have all of the up-to-the-minute details.

Get a detailed view of an event’s time-based functions and other critical information. Access documents, notes, and so much more. It all comes together to help you deliver flawless and successful events.

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Ungerboeck Hub screen for Convention Centers
Convention & Banquet Functions

Capture All Aspects of the Event

Guarantee your events run smoothly from start to finish. Ungerboeck's convention and banquet functions allow seamless communication between the venue and event organizers.

Rest assured that breaks, food deliveries, rooms and more are ready when you need them to be. Throw out the "what ifs" and trust the synchronization between staff and expectations.

Ungerboeck event operations screen for corporate catering

Elevate collaboration between the venue and event organizers for an outstanding event delivery

Performance & Concert Detailing

Unite Back & Front of the House Operations

The key to bigger audiences and more satisfied patrons, performers and promoters is effective communication. That starts with a best-in-class booking calendar to serve as the single source of truth about what’s going on in your venue, when and where.

Combine this with real-time, mobile access, effective change notifications and full integration with event services operations and inventory and you’ve got an efficient solution that cuts out the inevitable misunderstandings and mistakes that cost you valuable time, money and opportunities.

Ungerboeck booking calendar screen for performing arts
Document Management

Access Documents. Anytime. Anywhere.

Create. Store. And organize. With Ungerboeck software, all your documents are stored in one place where anyone with the proper security can access and use them.

By using Ungerboeck Cloud services, you can access any document in your system at anytime, from anywhere. Stay productive no matter where you are with all the information at your fingertips.

Ungerboeck Document Management screen
Email Automation & Notifications

Manage Email Communication in One System

Integration between email and your software solution is a fundamental requirement. In addition to integrated outbound emails, Ungerboeck provides an easy-to-use integration with Outlook so all emails related to customers and events are stored in one place.

Increase productivity with organization-wide email sharing. Capture the text of every email in Ungerboeck without any additional clicks so anything you send out is available to your entire team.

Ungerboeck office outlook integration screen
Conference Session Proposals

Speakers, presenters, and session agenda are the backbone of your conference experience

The best event programs are gathered by casting a wide net. While this approach ensures ample submissions, it also makes managing calls for and refining the content challenging. Transforming submissions into an attendee-attracting program calls for more than simple evaluation and selection. Building a lineup requires managing presenter needs, scheduling and session placement. Without a robust, end-to-end solution, most tools necessitate re-keying data for each step in the process, adding time, cost and frustration.

Ungerboeck session proposal screen for conference centers
Event Callout

Hear the benefits from an Event Planning & Communications Expert

Curious how you can improve customer satisfaction and collaboration? Chat with our experts and see how we can help.

Common Questions

What is an Event Planning platform?

An Event Planning software allows you to schedule, organize and detail all aspects of your events within a single platform. You can easily track functions, store documents, save presenters information and more from one central location.

What are the benefits of using an Event Planning software?

An online Event Planning solution allows you to easily details out all functions of your conferences, conventions, meetings, and banquets without having to juggle between multiple excel sheets and word documents. Any event changes are applied in real time and accessible by all team members, so everyone stays up to date with the latest information.

What are the key features available in the Ungerboeck Event Planning solution?

Our streamlined event planning system provides solutions to improve communication and facilitate collaboration between the event venue and event organizers. Our solution range include a customer facing Event Portal and Event Communication Hub, as well as an integrated back office database to manage all event functions, documents, emails, event orders and more.