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Exhibition Management

Manage your event from start to finish with the industry’s first and only fully unified platform. Exhibition management software that works as hard as you do.

After reviewing several packages, we found that Ungerboeck addressed our businesses needs without customization or workarounds.


Exhibit Sales Opportunities

Purpose Built CRM

With so much riding on the effectiveness of your sales process and the performance of your sales team, having the right CRM is essential. But to be truly effective, it must understand the unique nature of selling floor/booth space, sponsorships, and advertising. Ungerboeck's modern exhibit sales CRM will have your team moving faster, selling more, and collecting better information.

CRM Exhibitions
Exhibition Floor Plan

Import, Design, and Sell Booths in Exhibition Floor Plan, Then Share It With the World

Ungerboeck’s Exhibition Floor Plan is a modern web-based solution that makes managing floor plans a breeze. By providing show organizers with all the tools they need to manipulate floor plans on their own, waiting on others is a thing of the past. And because floor plan management, like everything else, is a fully unified part of the Ungerboeck for Exhibitions platform, the entire system (CRM, orders, invoices, contracts, financials, etc.) can be accessed directly from within the floor plan.

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Exhibition floor plans
Exhibition Video

The Life of a Show Organizer

Discover what the life of a Show Organizer is like before and after utilizing Ungerboeck's unified Exhibition Management Solution.

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Exhibition Floor Plan

Ungerboeck’s Exhibition Floor Plan lets you manage every detail without ever leaving the floor plan application. So you can work faster and smarter and focus on the details with the biggest impact.

Exhibitor Portal

Exhibitor Portal is Your Customers’ One Stop Shop

With Ungerboeck’s Exhibitor Portal, exhibitors will have a single point of access for everything they need. Whether it’s applying for exhibit space, selecting specific booth spaces, reviewing booth proposals, paying deposits and invoices, purchasing sponsorships, uploading or retrieving documents, filling out forms, submitting show guiding listing info and logos, linking to third-party sites to order booth services or badges, managing their CRM information, or just contacting their salesperson, it’s all in one place!

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Exhibitor Portal
Show Maps

Share Your Floor Plan With the World

Share your Exhibition Floor Plan with attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, guests, or contractors with Show Map, giving them a real-time view of floor plan details you want them to see. Deliver added visibility to your sponsors by highlighting their booths, and further enhance you your top sponsors by displaying their logos in the sponsor bar. View and search the interactive floor plan on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Show maps
On-Site Renewals

Ungerboeck Makes the Onsite Renewal Process a Joy for Exhibitors (and for Staff!)

Whether your onsite renewal process is formal (i.e., exhibitors are assigned specific times based on priority point standings) or informal (i.e., first-come, first-served), our onsite renewal solution makes the entire process hum like a well-oiled machine. And for organizers that require contracts to be executed onsite, you’ll be glad to know we offer full DocuSign integration.

Last but not least, because Ungerboeck for Exhibitions is Cloud-based and fully responsive, all the functionality noted above can be done on a tablet, giving salespeople the ability to bring the process directly to the exhibitor if desired.

On site renewals
Exh Callout

Talk to an Exhibition Management Expert

Wondering if there is a better, more efficient way to run your exhibitions? Ungerboeck for Exhibitions is the new benchmark in exhibition management technology, and it's the perfect fit for you. Contact us with any questions regarding how Ungerboeck can transform your business.