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Full Financials

Streamline your event financials in a holistic system to reduce inefficient expense management processes while tightening oversight and controls. Timely, accurate and secure reconciliation of your full financials will allow to you focus on what's important, your overall profitability.

The bottom line is that Ungerboeck Software helps us be more profitable. We needed to have the system in place so that we didn’t leave money on the table and that we understood where we are at any point in time.



Control spending with checks and approvals

Because Purchasing is fully integrated with your other Ungerboeck financial modules, and the system updates in real time, you have a much higher degree of control on the purchase order process. Multi-level approval controls allow you to set functional and financial security controls for each user. With built-in cost controls, the system checks the PO against the budget, the new price against the last entered price, and provides three-way matching between the purchase order, receipt and payment during the expense cycle and reconciliation process.

Expense Management

Reduce reversals with comprehensive management

Ungerboeck Payables is the only system that inherently ties events and payments together without customization or workarounds. Automatic identification of pre-paid event expenses ensures the proper accounting for event expenses in the correct period, reducing the need for manual reversing by the accounting team.

Expense Management

Smart Planning

Fixed Assets

Manage and track all your assets with ease

Know where everything is, how often it's used and your exact return on investment. Asset management lets you register all assets and track depreciation and schedule and perform preventative maintenance associated with each asset.

Fixed Asset
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Talk to a Financials Expert

We'll help you choose the right Expense Management package to meet your unique needs. Contact us and talk with an expert today!

Common Questions

What is Full Financials software?

Ungerboeck Full Financials is a comprehensive tool that allows you to administer event financials, control expenses and manage fixed assets in one system efficiently and seamlessly.

What are the benefits of using Full Financials software?

Ungerboeck Full Financials provides an automated, secure expense management and payment reconciliation process, reducing costly errors and allowing you to focus on profitability.

What are the key features available in the Ungerboeck Full Financials solution?

Ungerboeck offers end-to-end expense management solutions that connect your event and venue financials in one system. Our event expense system reduces inefficient processes, so you have tighter management of your event financials and pre-paid expenses, security controls for Purchasing, accurate and timely reconciliation measures and fixed asset management controls.