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Event Billing & Payments

Remove the barriers to streamlining your event and venue financials. Ungerboeck is the only system available that provides beginning-to-end event financials, CRM, scheduling, and reporting all in a single airtight system.

When I write reports and compare the university general ledger against the financials we track in Ungerboeck, they’ll match to the penny. It’s been basically 100% accurate and that’s an integration piece that’s been great for us.


Payment Schedules

Tailor schedules to meet client needs

Create pricing tiers and payment schedules for different event types and client types. Ungerboeck software can manage complex payment schedules with early bird and late pricing, quantity-dependent pricing and more to ensure you capture every dollar.

Payment schedules
Invoicing & Billing

Create audit-ready invoices instantly

Instantly produce and send accurate invoices so that your customer is billed for everything provided during the event, not just what’s remembered. All the data is right there in front of you and your team. No more missed items.

Invoicing Billing
Payment Processing

Accept and process payments in one system

Ungerboeck lets you accept a huge variety of payment types, from cash to credit to ACH, and process payments within one system. Processed payments update in real-time across your Ungerboeck platform to keep everyone on your team in-the-know.

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Reduce Errors


Stay up-to-speed with unified collections

Ungerboeck lets you issue late notices, generate aging reports and apply finance charges with ease. Drastically reduce collection times by directing customers to your online payment portal. No more comparing data between systems or drafting notices by hand.

Revenue Recognition

Events and revenue, all in one

With Ungerboeck also being used to manage your events, deferrals and revenue recognition are easy. When closing out an event, any advanced revenue will be automatically recognized to the appropriate accounts – eliminating error prone and costly manual processes. Not able to close out an event before year end or have an event that spans multiple periods? Event accruals can be used to automatically recognize non-invoiced revenue at period end. Revenue Recognition allows you to operate with ease.

Revenue recognition
Payment Portal

Give clients easy access

Allow clients to quickly and easily view invoices and pay online so there is never an excuse for "not receiving" an invoice. Payment data flows in real-time to your Ungerboeck Revenue Management tools, so you never miss a beat.

Payment Portal
Financial Reporting & Analysis

Unify Data for In-Depth Analysis

Because your operational data is integrated with your financial data in a single database, you can analyze financial information in ways simply not possible with separate marketing, operations, and financial databases.
Generic financial systems don’t come close to Ungerboeck software out-of-the-box capabilities for reporting across financial and operational information.

Reporting Analysis
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