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ERP & Financial Suite

Remove barriers and streamline your event and venue financials. Ungerboeck is the only holistic system that provides end-to-end event financials, CRM, scheduling, and reporting all in a single airtight system. Ungerboeck is a purpose-built accounting software for managing venues and events. Because your operational data is integrated with your financial data in a single database, you can analyze financial information quickly, accurately, and securely. This allows you to focus on what’s important: your overall profitability.

The bottom line is that Ungerboeck Software helps us be more profitable. We needed to have the system in place so that we didn’t leave money on the table and that we understood where we are at any point in time.



Use AI to automate supplier invoice processing

Ensure accuracy and reduce time spent on data entry with Accounts Payable automation. Use AI to organize supplier invoices and create a digital paper trail. Simplify payable processes by empowering end users to manage invoice annotations themselves. Plus, a complete document audit trail allows you to go completely paperless.

Ungerboeck financials Accounts Payable diagram 2

Manage spending with checks and approvals

Control your purchasing process from item requisition through approval, budget compliance, purchase order issuance, receipt, and payment. Plus, easily create purchase orders directly from your event with electronic approval requests and role-based approval including budget control.

Develop pre-defined frequently purchased items and leverage purchase history in negotiations with suppliers. Then, easily track and report on all open and issued purchase orders by vendor, item, or event.

Ungerboeck procurement expense management diagram

Automate employee expense tracking and reimbursements

Expense Reporting is a configurable solution integrated directly into your staff’s Ungerboeck workflows. It helps ensure compliance and transparency over employee expenses by simplifying the overall reporting process. Staff doesn’t need to juggle multiple platforms or resort to manual reporting anymore. With Expense Reporting, employees can easily create their expense reports and tie them back to events, automatically kicking off approval processes and more.

Ungerboeck employee expense management diagram

Be confident with accurate financial reporting

Ungerboeck features the only platform with a true General Ledger that lets you analyze your business in ways not possible with basic event software. Our platform allows for simple integration with third party finance software and eliminates re-coding or keying invoices to individual accounts. Plus, you can easily import journal entries from payroll, ticketing, etc., and automate General Ledger reconciliation for more flexibility, visibility, and richer reporting functionality. Align your overall business with GAAP standards, streamline role management, and automate user provisioning.

Ungerboeck general ledger diagram

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Take control of your asset tracking

Ungerboeck provides reliable asset tracking and inventory controls of multiple locations. Avoid costly mistakes caused by too much or too little inventory. Your team can forecast inventory requirements by day, week, or month and integrate with purchasing and order fulfillment to make informed business decisions. Plus, you can ensure the availability of equipment using real-time data to streamline purchasing and make smarter reordering decisions. We provide the peace of mind you need by tracking your inventory details at the lot or serial number level, using an integrated document folder that maintains item specs, warranties, and photos for all related transactions.

Ungerboeck financials inventory diagram

Keep your financial books easily auditable

Manage cash accounts – including bank deposits, transfers, service charges, receipts, payments, adjustments, and withdrawals. Plus, save time with automated reconciliations of your cash and bank accounts with bank statements and ledger. Provide your finance team with the visibility and reporting they need to optimize cash, control bank accounts, import bank statements, automatically clear transactions, manage liquidity, and improve overall financial management.

Ungerboeck bank reconciliation diagram

Maintain and control your fixed assets lifecycle

Asset management provides a detailed asset listing by company, type, book, and additional user classifications, including assets from a legacy system. Easily report on all fixed assets, track depreciating or non-depreciating company assets, and schedule preventive maintenance for each one. Eliminate manual efforts and multiple spreadsheets by integrating Accounting, Inventory, Job Management, and General Ledger. Plus, gain full visibility and control thanks to unlimited Asset Books featuring automatic depreciation and projections, as well as automated calculations for disposal and write-off transactions.

Ungerboeck fixed assets diagram
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Common Questions

What is Ungerboeck Financial software?

Ungerboeck Financial Suite is a comprehensive tool that allows you to administer event financials, control expenses and manage fixed assets in one system efficiently and seamlessly.

What are the benefits of using the Financial Suite platform?

Ungerboeck Financial Suite provides an automated, secure expense management and payment reconciliation process, reducing costly errors and allowing you to focus on profitability.

What are the key features available in the Ungerboeck ERP and Financial Suite solution?

Ungerboeck offers end-to-end expense management solutions that connect your event and venue financials in one system. Our event expense system reduces inefficient processes, so you have tighter management of your event financials and pre-paid expenses, security controls for Purchasing, accurate and timely reconciliation measures and fixed asset management controls.