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Integrate Ungerboeck and your applications seamlessly using the API, Webhooks, and Ungerboeck Connect. With Ungerboeck, you also get great built-in integrations to some of the leading technology vendors.

We’ve been able to customize the reports that we distribute within Ungerboeck so there is little effort to provide everyone with their task lists.


Virtual Event Registration

Convert your events to virtual events

Extend your events reach beyond face-to-face meetings and generate a new revenue stream with online events. Ungerboeck has developed an integration with major virtual event providers to help seamlessly manage online registrants in Ungerboeck. Get participants to register to your virtual event with the provider of your choice while managing all aspects of your event directly in Ungerboeck from registrants, to payments processing, orders, sessions and more.

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Extend your experience with the Ungerboeck API

The Ungerboeck API lets you take your Ungerboeck experience to the next level. While Ungerboeck can do amazing things, the API lets you extend into even more customized experiences. Whether you need to create a website from your data in Ungerboeck or automate processes, the API is here to help and provides reliable integration solutions.


Inject custom logic into your Ungerboeck experience

All organizations have weird business rules that no out of the box solution will accommodate. However, Ungerboeck Integrations gives you the power to extend business rules through webhooks.

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Electronic Signatures

Send, Sign, and Close Deals Faster

Accelerate your often manual, paper-based processes by completing them online from start to finish with the DocuSign integration. DocuSign is the fastest, most secure way to transform every decision, approval or agreement process into a simple and easy digital action on any mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

Electronic Signatures

Check out additional Ungerboeck integrations with some of the leading technology vendors.

SAP Crystal Reports

Powerful Custom Reporting

Create stunning reports using Crystal Reports. Ungerboeck allows you to run Crystal Reports from virtually anywhere in the system ensuring you can get the data in the format you want, anytime, anywhere. We also have 300 standard Crystal Reports.

Crystal report viewer

Ungerboeck allows you to use most payment providers seamlessly

Ungerboeck allows customers to integrate their existing payment providers into the software. With over 60+ providers integrated with and 4 out of the box offerings, your payments are taken care of. Ungerboeck is a PA-DSS certified application, which means your payments and credit card information are safe with us.

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Microsoft Office

Bring the power of Ungerboeck into Office

Ungerboeck provides add-ins for your favorite Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. They make it a snap to save documents back into Ungerboeck or to import e-mails back into Ungerboeck. Within Excel, you can do advanced Excel reporting that captures your important financial measures.

MS Office Outlook
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Talk to a System Expert

Ungerboeck is connected to many different platforms. We have integrated the most useful tools into the Ungerboeck experience to help you work smarter. Chat with us to learn more about Ungerboeck Integrations.

Common Questions

What is a software integration?

Software integrations is the process of bridging together various applications so that they seamlessly work together in a unified system. Ungerboeck allows for seamless integrations with many leading technology platforms thanks to the Ungerboeck API and Webhooks.

What are the key aspects of the Ungerboeck integrations?

Ungerboeck integrations offer a powerful API allowing for extension of customized experiences with your data in Ungerboeck, furthermore our Webhooks accommodate to your organization's business rules. Thanks to Ungerboeck, you can even integrate with video webinar platforms.