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Membership Management

A seamlessly integrated CRM and membership platform that lets you track and consolidate all your internal and external communications for your different memberships. Eliminate duplicate data entry and empower your members with a self-service online portal, so you can focus your time on increasing your member database and delivering additional value to your members. The platform can also help you improve the member experience and boost satisfaction, leading to gains in membership sales and renewals.



Members History & Account Management

Get a comprehensive view into your members database. Use Ungerboeck’s CRM to manage, communicate, and track members history, and help your team seize opportunities to boost your membership sales. Create in-depth reports, and dive deep into opportunities and avenues for revenue growth with valuable data that can help you find new ways to connect with your members.

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Improve the member experience

Give your members the power to easily manage their membership online through a single portal. Create a connection with your members by keeping them up to date with upcoming events, news and other information relevant to them. Letting them manage their own contact details, membership level, renewals, and more can help you understand who your members are and better anticipate their needs. Choose to have records updated in real time or set up an approval process to control requested changes.

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Automate your membership renewals

Managing your membership accounts, fees, and renewals can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of organization and manpower. With Ungerboeck Membership, reduce the time spent maintaining your membership paperwork so you can focus on selling new memberships and offering additional services to your members.

Ungerboeck Membership Renewal screen

Receive fees on time, every time

Your members can pay their fees online which ensures you receive payment on time and reduces the time your team spends on processing and approving payments. Used in conjunction with real-time credit card verification, credit card payments are received and approved so you don’t have to follow up on incorrect credit card numbers or expiration dates. Plus, this easy and seamless process cuts unnecessary hassle for your members.

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ERP & Financial Suite

Create a complete picture with financials

Close the gap between your membership system and financial system by utilizing our ERP & Financial Suite along with membership. Provide an audit trail for payments, invoices, and collections so you can easily access the payment status of any customer at any time. In addition, our software is PA-DSS and PCI compliant so you can confidently receive your customers’ payments.

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Integrate seamlessly with Registration and Event Management

Easily view which events your members have registered for so you can create better selling opportunities. Improve your inbound marketing strategy by focusing your marketing campaigns on members who attend similar event types and target only interested potential attendees. Members will appreciate the personalized touch.

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Contact a Membership Management Expert

Our solutions take away the tedious tasks of operating your member database so you can focus on growth, retention, and personalization. Talk to us today for more details.