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Ungerboeck API

Ungerboeck exposes a REST API which allows for integrations in our software. With the API, you can create programs that extract information for things such as websites and put new data into Ungerboeck. It uses the latest security to ensure a safe, fast experience.

The Ungerboeck API is robust, easy to use, secure and consistent. We have many integrated applications which interface with it and rarely encountered issues linked to calls.


API Features

Seamless integrations to achieve your goals

The Ungerboeck API is built into the platform itself making it extremely flexible and able to function in conjunction with existing software architecture. The API consists of endpoints that have been built into the software to allow rapid development of interfaces and custom developed solutions. Plus, we offer the highest level of security, ensuring full encryption using HTTPS and internal authorization of API usage.

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Data-Driven Automation

Enhance your Ungerboeck experience through business logic automation

Many organizations have unique business rules that no out of the box solution will accommodate. However, Ungerboeck Integrations gives you the power to extend business rules through webhooks, and drive automation based on custom workflows and specific event or data.

Ungerboeck webhooks were built to industry standards and will notify you when something happens in Ungerboeck. It can be used to alert when a change is made and allow your third-party application to validate or stop a save from occurring in Ungerboeck if it fails your validation.

Post Commit Webhooks

Designed for what you need

We offer a range of resources and documentation about our API to ensure you have all the tools available to successfully manage your integration projects, including:

  • Introductory articles about the Ungerboeck API on the Ungerboeck Knowledge Base
  • A Swagger-enabled sandbox environment for you to experience the different endpoints available and try them out
  • A .NET SDK to get you going quickly with pre-made models and easy calls
  • Examples for every API endpoint on Github, showing how to make calls and use our model properties
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Technical Services

Developing solutions that make a difference.

Looking for a solution that is beyond thinking outside the box? The in-depth technology experience and industry knowledge of our Technical Solutions team allows us to design solutions that bring value.

Engaging with our Technical team is a seamless process. Our team starts with understanding what challenges you are looking to overcome and plan for your desired outcome. Once the project plan and design is agreed, we get to work on building out your solution.

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Discover the Ungerboeck Advantage

Contact our team of experts to discuss how we can help you develop solutions tailored to your needs.