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Virtual Event Experience

Ungerboeck's Virtual Event Experience

Deliver a new event experience: ONsite, ONline and ONgoing - 365 days a year. Take your events to the next level and create engaging virtual and hybrid events together with Ungerboeck. Enable your event community to dive into a new event dimension that completes your in person events with virtual components, allowing for better insights and analytics while connecting onsite and online audiences.

Virtual Conference

Plan out your virtual conference

Planning out an event is the key for hosting a successful event, onsite, online, and ongoing. Ungerboeck makes this process easy with its virtual event experience platform and event management services. Plan out your sessions with the industry, crowdsource session ideas and presentations with our session management tools and portals. Fully brand the event microsite to your event, highlight your sponsors, key speakers, and most popular sessions.

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Conference Features

  • Event Site

    Host your virtual conference with a modern microsite experience. Customize content and design aligned with your brand standards.

  • Registration

    Build dynamic, multi-session online event registration process with personalized fields, pricing rules and wait lists. Allow registrants to self-manage their account so they can register several attendees, modify, substitute or cancel their registration.

  • Attendee Experience

    Attendees can manage their session agenda, attend virtual sessions, engage with speakers and network with others.

Tradeshow - Virtual or Hybrid


Deliver added value to your exhibitors by offering them the opportunity to showcase their products online and connect with more attendees thanks to their own virtual booth. Let them manage all aspects of their onsite and/or online presence through the Exhibitor Portal. The one-stop-shop lets them submit booth applications, place orders, manage staff attendees, submit marketing materials including logos, videos, brochures, company descriptions and much more.

Your attendees will be able to visit your exhibitors' virtual booth, book meetings with them, download their information, watch their presentation videos, and attend their virtual sessions all through your event microsite.

Virtual exhibitor tradshow

Tradeshow Features

  • Virtual Booth

    Let exhibitors extend their reach from face-to-face to remote attendees with their own virtual booth. Let them showcase their product, book meetings, deliver sessions and much more online.

  • Theater

    Showcase sessions in the Theater, where attendees can watch the presentations live. The sessions can be advertised on your event microsite, socials and exhibitors' booths.

  • Schedule Meetings

    As attendees enter the virtual booths, they have the opportunity to join existing conversations or can choose to request to book a 1on1 meeting with one of the exhibitor's representative.

Video Platform

A New Experience for Virtual Sessions

Exceed the attendee experience in virtual sessions like never before with Ungerboeck's webinar connector. Our single window booth gives attendees a connected experience to exhibitors and the event.

Showcase Meeting

Video Platform Features

  • Video Platforms

    In addition to our built-in video options, you can also connect to favored video platform integrations like GoToWebinar, Zoom, or WebEx. You don’t have to worry about additional registration and analytics, as they are integrated.

  • On-demand videos

    Keep the event experience alive and offer recorded sessions as on-going video content before, during and after the event.

  • Video Experience

    Our video platform supports your entire attendee experience: from the Keynote, to individual sessions, 1 on 1 meetings with speakers, and exhibitor booths.


Increase audience activity

Transform the attendee online experience with social features, session recommendations, messaging, comments, reactions, questions, video sharing, and more as they attend virtual sessions, exhibitor events, and 1on1 meetings.

Create a community with a built-in virtual show delivery and make the experience feel like a live event that will drive engagement with theaters, sponsor advertisements, and more.

Video session - live chat

Engagement Features

  • Competitions and Awards

    Allow exhibitors, sponsors and speakers to enter competitions and awards that highlight their product or services. Attendees can upload documents, images and videos into a seamless and efficient submission process.

  • Gamification

    Increase attendees engagement online using your leaderboard for gamification.

  • Networking & Live Messaging

    Give a voice to your remote attendees and make your event interactive. Let them rate the sessions, participate in live chats, ask questions and direct message other attendees.

Intelligence & Analytics

Gain valuable insights

Connect sponsors and exhibitors with lead and attendee activity information, track session attendance, exhibition booths visits, and more with Ungerboeck analytics.

Ungerboeck lets you create meaningful analytic reports for organizers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. Track all attendee activity, including sessions attended, questions and comments submitted, exhibitors visited, product videos watched, and more.

Exhibitor dashboard

Intelligence & Analytics Features

  • Event Intelligence

    Offer a fully personalized experience to your online attendees. Generate sessions, recommendations, exhibitor matchmaking and networking suggestions based on your attendees’ profile, preferences and interests.

  • Dashboard & Reporting

    Capture valuable insights about your online audience. Identify your most popular sessions, virtual booth performances and more. Display all the data in beautiful looking dashboards and generate reports to share with internal and external stakeholders including management, exhibitors and sponsors.

  • Lead Capture Reporting

    Offer your exhibitors integrated lead capture functionality so they can easily refer back to their notes about their discussion with remote attendees and watch video meeting recordings after the event.

Space booking

Talk to a Virtual Event Expert

Discover how Ungerboeck can make your online event a memorable and engaging experience. Chat with our experts and see how we can help. Plus, learn how some venues are innovating and leveraging technology to provide the best event hybrid experiences.