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Holthus Convention Center

When your core is planning and booking events, you want to ensure you’re simplifying the process, that data is being entered correctly, and you’re not over-booking or double booking space. With Ungerboeck you can do just that!

Arts Centre Melbourne

Ungerboeck Software enables easier reporting and consistency across the organization.

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

We’ve been able to customize the reports that we distribute within Ungerboeck so there is little effort to provide everyone with their task lists.
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Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

If I want to go back and see the history of an event for the last five years, I don’t have to go to a records room that’s half way across the building. I just open the event file in Ungerboeck and boom – it’s all right there.
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Alliant Energy Center

The price of getting Ungerboeck with the ecommerce solution wasn’t much different than most everybody else’s purely ecommerce system. So, it was a no-brainer decision for us. The product and the price is fantastic compared to what we were getting for just ecommerce.
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ANZ Stadium

Consolidating business functions into Ungerboeck has simplified the internal support of the product and business operations coordination.

Bass Performance Hall

Ungerboeck has it figured out!

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

With just the click of a button, I can tell you how many days or hours we spent supporting a certain department or production.
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Duke University

When I write reports and compare the university general ledger against the financials we track in Ungerboeck, they’ll match to the penny. It’s been basically 100% accurate and that’s an integration piece that’s been great for us.
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German Convention Bureau

Ungerboeck Software optimized our customer and membership management processes significantly.
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All in all, Ungerboeck Software is the centerpiece of our operations which everything revolves around.
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Kentucky Venues

Ungerboeck has made our procedures much more efficient.
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Marquette University

Don’t tell my Director how easy it is to run reports!
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We will be able to get more done with the same staff and let people work on more productive things other than making spreadsheets and administrative tasks.
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Purina Event Center

From an internal staffing perspective, with resources, we are a very small team. We have 11 fulltime people out here and that’s it… So if you want to stretch the amount that we can do, this program that a couple of us can tap into and start inputting events and working the events, it’s going to make it a lot easier for us and take the work off one or two people and kind of spread it out among everyone.
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The University of British Columbia

As a one-stop shop software, Ungerboeck covers it all.
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Govt & Council 2

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Govt & Council 3

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Govt & Council 4

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Stadia Success Story 2

Levi Stadium

Mop shutterstock 338109662
Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne & Olympic Parks

Higher Ed SS 4

George Washington University

Our favorite feature would be the online request forms. Having the ability for our clients to be able to request space in real time was a game changer. We were able to streamline a rather tedious process to become a lot more time efficient.
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The College of XXX

Continuing Ed - Quote Placeholder 4

Placeholder College Name

Continuing Ed - Quote Placeholder 5

University of Some College

Courses & Seminars CSS 3

Courses & Seminars CSS 3 Placeholder

Courses & Seminars CSS 4

Courses & Seminars CSS 4 Placeholder

catering 02

Corporate Catering & Hospitality Placeholder

ADNAC shutterstock 1052435870

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

From digital signage to online booking requests and customer portals: Ungerboeck is the ideal technology partner for ADNEC as one of the most advanced smart and hybrid event and exhibition venues in the Middle East
Calgary shutterstock 655686373

University of Calgary

We were able to enhance our customer experience thanks to Ungerboeck's easy to use event planning functionality.
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Boston College

Ungerboeck is a true partner to Boston College – from quick response times on user issues to customized solutions to meet our unique business needs, they always respond with a “can do” attitude which is most appreciated!
Kansas City shutterstock 1080780401

Kansas City Chiefs

Ungerboeck is powerful and flexible—we could operate our event business without it, but I’d rather not try.
Toronto theater interior
Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Centre for the Arts

We are a complex operation—Ungerboeck is powerful enough to stay ahead of our needs. From booking to financials and multilevel reporting, the Ungerboeck platform helps us stay organized and engaged.
Eccles Exterior Banner
Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake County Arts & Culture

As complex as our operation is, and as fast as we are growing, we feel like we’ll never outgrow Ungerboeck.
York University

York University

The support you get when using Ungerboeck is fantastic, their Onboarding Specialists are there for you and your team every step of the way.
Iowa State U

Iowa State University

Ungerboeck's constant update of the software provides ease of use and security features that our clients require.
City of Casey

City of Casey

Ungerboeck helped us put digital and customers first within our bookings system.
RFA Auckland Live 1

Regional Facilities Auckland

A united platform means our complex organisation can have one presence within the system.​​ Our users particularly like the ability to drill down from the part of the system that they use into the financials and other parts of the system.
Riverside Convention Center 02
Riverside, California

Riverside Convention Center

Our forecasting was enhanced, and data is easily shared between sales and operations with Ungerboeck.
NZICC Hero Image crop
Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand International Convention Centre

Only Ungerboeck covered the remit of almost everything on our wish list and had the real pedigree in the international convention market.
Minneapolis shutterstock 648202162

Minneapolis Convention Center

In each venue I've installed Ungerboeck, revenue has increased between 7-15% because unlike other systems, with Ungerboeck, revenue can’t slip thru the cracks.
Cleveland clinic

The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education

There are a lot of things that are life changing about Ungerboeck!
Terry College night

University of Georgia, Terry College

Ungerboeck has transformed the way we do business.​
Bankwest Stadium

Bankwest Stadium

Consolidating business functions into Ungerboeck has simplified the internal support of the product and business operations coordination.
Shutterstock 524512270

University of Denver

Ungerboeck is a robust system that improves our efficiency as a team.

Hult Center for the Performing Arts

I can spend more time in sales and booking rather than trying to parse out information to people because it’s all in the system.
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Bordeaux Gironde Convention Bureau

The number of business opportunities for national and international congresses doubled within two years’ time.
EC Convention Center

Emerald Coast Convention Center

Our rapport with one another is a lot better because Ungerboeck allows us to communicate better with one another.
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The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education

There are a lot of things that are life changing about Ungerboeck!
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The Mayo Civic Center

The booking calendar blew us away. It was like seeing into the future.
Uof BC shutterstock 16333972

The University of British Columbia

Ungerboeck’s ability to customize specific features for specific roles within our company has provided us with improved efficiency and streamlined communication across departments.
Phil and hope


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Integrated Teams



VC18 demo


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PRINT Perth Expo Tourism Stalls 8
Perth, Australia

Perth Expo

Ungerboeck has transformed the way we run the business as a whole in a huge way. We have cut out the need for several procedures, documents, portals and templates by having nearly everything we need in the one software.
Oklahoma state fair park aerial f
Oklahoma City

Oklahoma State Fair Parks

NIU campus square

Northern Illinois University

Ungerboeck allowed us to be more efficient by unifying our lead and sales tracking among our campus and outreach centers.
Indiana State Fair Coliseum

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Ungerboeck has the all-in-one package, and it was unanimous for us to choose Ungerboeck because of the software’s versatility and opportunity for growth.
Florida Fair shutterstock 1320068708

Florida State Fair Authority

The bottom line is that Ungerboeck Software helps us be more profitable. We needed to have the system in place so that we didn’t leave money on the table and that we understood where we are at any point in time.
HCC 017

Hurst Conference Center

We saved about 4,000 man-hours per year since adopting the system.
Kolnkongress 01
Köln, Germany

KölnKongress GmbH

Thanks to Ungerboeck Software the working processes are more structured, which is a great benefit for the whole company.

The Qatar National Convention Centre

Ungerboeck is a critical tool that drives our different businesses and can be seen as a steering tool to support our overall business strategy.
TRADEX Home Show 2


Life before Ungerboeck... It was very difficult.

International Housewares Association

We wanted a turnkey system that will provide IHA with streamlined operations to increase productivity and improved reporting with data analytics, and Ungerboeck has all that.
Iowa State U

Iowa State University Conference Planning and Management

With Ungerboeck, we have a modern system that manages multiple opportunities for gathering data, assists in providing better customer service, and delivers cost efficiencies.
Sydney, Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

The Ungerboeck team was amazing during the whole project, collaborating with the MCA team to help meet our requirements and deliver a successful project.
Greater Columbus 1400x590

Greater Columbus Convention Center

We do not consider Ungerboeck a software tool, we consider it a communication tool. It is where everyone can access the most up to date information on the event operations and settlement.
Titans shutterstock 1294141729

Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium

Ungerboeck software helps our team stay organized and allows us to pull all necessary reports for event purposes.
Minn State Fair mighty midway

Minnesota State Fair

With a 322-acre facility to manage 365 days a year, we needed an event management tool that was robust and versatile. Ungerboeck software has been that, and more, for our organization.
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre home hero1
Mandurah, Australia

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

By moving to the Ungerboeck cloud we reduced our workload by 60%.
Kingston arts concert web

Kingston Arts Centre

Ungerboeck’s Cloud makes it easier for us to work and communicate with artists and agents, which is the crucial ingredient allowing us to build our live music program.