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NCSI Exhibition
National Conference Services, Inc.
Columbia, Maryland

Ungerboeck Helps National Conference Services, Inc. Revamp Onsite Event Registration

After National Conference Services, Inc. (NCSI) upgraded to the latest version of Ungerboeck software, they ran into an unintended consequence: Event attendees were no longer automatically logged out after registering onsite. Because the automatic logout didn’t work, an NCSI team member had to log people out manually every time someone registered onsite. Here’s how Ungerboeck helped NCSI eliminate that extra time and hassle by solving the onsite registration glitch.

The Challenge

The NCSI team allows event attendees to preregister for events or register onsite. After completing a simple registration form, attendees would be automatically logged out – until NCSI upgraded their Ungerboeck platform from .96 to .98. After completing the upgrade, onsite registration configuration no longer worked.

The team traced the issue to custom HTML code that wasn’t functional within the webskin and confirmation window. Once the problem was identified, they turned to Ungerboeck to help fix the issue.

The Solution

Ungerboeck’s product experts listened to the problem and knew exactly what to recommend. One of the registration features offered by .98 is a built-in confirmation form that allows automatic sign out. Enabling this feature was the solution.

NCSI’s onsite registration process is now quick and simple again for event attendees and team members, too.

We appreciate the easy solution! This has alleviated the onsite team from having to sign attendees out after every registration and has allowed them more time to focus on our exhibitors and attendees at the event.

The Result

After enabling the automatic sign out feature, NCSI’s onsite registration system gained full functionality once again. The team was saved from the tedium of manually logging out registrants, freeing up their time to focus on making the event memorable.