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One Company. One Mission.

Powering the Events World.

Ungerboeck and EventBooking, two global leaders of event and venue management software, have merged to power the world’s events with a combined set of values and a singular focus on customer success.

The news comes after several months of negotiations and is effective immediately. Manish Chandak, the current President and CEO of Ungerboeck, will continue to serve in the same role. EventBooking President Steve Mackenzie will take on the role of Executive Vice President. |

Answers To Your Questions

What's the reason (or vision) behind the change?

  • We wanted to bring these industry-leading companies together so we could position ourselves to better serve the industry and accelerate the pace of innovation. Together, we will add more value to the industry overall.

What does this mean for me, as an Ungerboeck or EventBooking customer?

  • Business Continuity: Customers should expect to continue with the solutions they’ve come to know and love without interruption.
  • Customer Success: The internal teams are here and will continue to support all existing customers with the same focus on customer success.
  • Accelerated Innovation: The merger provides a platform to drive innovation and customers should expect new, exciting offerings that add value to their event business.

How did this come together?

  • Both companies have a similar vision and each company has reached a point in its evolution where we have all the underpinnings in place to accelerate innovation, value for the industry, and growth. Taking it to the next level required us to find additional funding to fuel that growth. We found a proper partner in Cove Hill Partners. We now have new resources to fuel our growth potential, and a first major move was to facilitate this merger between Ungerboeck and EventBooking.

What will the name of the company be?

  • Ungerboeck and EventBooking are strong brands in the industry, and we’ll continue to find ways to leverage that brand equity. Moving forward, we will operate under the Ungerboeck name.

What is the leadership structure?

  • Manish Chandak will be the CEO but the executive leadership teams of each organization will continue to be involved. Steve Mackenzie will be Executive Vice President of Ungerboeck.

Are the two physical offices in the USA still going to exist?

  • Yes, both offices in St. Louis and Knoxville will still continue to operate as normal.

What’s happening with the two products? Will they become one?

  • Both products will still very much be sold and supported, and will continue to be developed. Nothing is changing with this, both products have their place in the market.
  • This merger will be a boost to the industry for several reasons. First, it will be the surprise to the market, and second will be the long-term opportunities. Large enterprise customers will see big benefits through future innovations and product lines. Smaller customers will find the power of an ERP provider in a package that’s personalized to best suit their needs.
  • Customers of both companies can keep using the same solutions and services without interruption, followed by a seamless transition to the next generation of offerings.

What does this merger mean for my venue?

  • Nothing will change for you if you don’t want it to—if you are happy with your current system (either Ungerboeck or VenueOps), then we are happy too! In the future you can expect to see additional innovations that will bring value to your event business.

Does my day-to-day contact change?

  • You’ll continue to work with the same teams you currently do.

Is the way I reach support going to change?

  • You’ll still reach support the same way you do now.

You’ve been competitors for several years. Why are you joining together now?

  • Both companies have strong products and services. Coming together allows us to focus on the wider interests of the market instead of competing.
  • We’re singularly focused on your success. Together, we’re better positioned to serve the events industry, increase capabilities, drive innovation, and provide solutions for our clients that span the event life cycle.

I just changed from one of these platforms to the other. Will I have to change back?

  • You can continue to use the platform you use today.

What does Cove Hill Partners want to achieve with this merger?

  • Private equity firms look at return on investment in the future, and this is no different. However, Cove Hill Partners is not a typical private equity firm in that they are more focused on longer-term investments, as well as what value they can bring to a market by adding complementary services.
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We want to create new possibilities, and we’ll be better positioned to focus on client needs, both known and potential.
We’re better together as we unify our efforts to provide easy-to-learn and powerful products to drive the industry forward, all while we marry the aspects that clients love about each.