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Event CRM & Venue Sales Management System

Don't let valuable information slip through the cracks. Has your venue sales or service staff ever missed an opportunity due to a lack of information or the failure to follow-up? The right event CRM (customer relationship management) or venue sales management software can mitigate these instances and become a game-changer for managing critical customer data like booking history, client documents, customer profitability, event order details, or other key account information. If you're looking for our booth sales CRM or conference CRM, click their corresponding links.

From professional opportunity management to maintaining existing client relationships, easy access to accurate and updated client data is critical to delivering on promises and spotting opportunities to close or upsell business. Ungerboeck’s event CRM  was built specifically for the events industry to make winning, retaining, and growing customer revenues more predictable than ever before.

As the leading event CRM solution, we take pride in how we help event businesses improve their sales and service processes. Request a demo today, and see exactly how our system can improve your business.

venue sales and Event crm software system


OpportunityManagement ManageSales

Improve your sales processes

Organize and manage opportunities in user-defined fields inside of your event CRM so that you efficiently spend your time in the most profitable places. Ensure that your sales teams are accurately applying your processes, and are adhering to best practices. Get your sales team to work smarter.

Reporting ManageSales

Understand what's really going on

Get a powerful, 360-degree view into the success of your sales process. Use the event CRM to manage and track the things that matter, and help your sales staff ensure that valuable opportunities don't slip through the cracks. Create in-depth reports, and dive deep into opportunities and avenues for revenue growth.

ClientHistory ManageSales

Client & Customer History

Manage recurring events and customers; seizing opportunities to boost your profits by upselling existing clients into better events. Understanding your customer is one thing, but being able to execute actionable plans on top of that information what Ungerboeck can finally help your business do. Our event CRM system provides your sales team with a single source of the truth


Manage marketing and operations all in one place

Get the right messaging to the right stakeholders; in seconds. Send emails and manage large-scale communication directly from the CRM software. Ungerboeck is the only system that is airtight; allowing your team to perform all mission-critical sales tasks reliably from single system.


Automate documents, reminders, and more

Generate contracts and proposals in no time with pre-designed templates. Automatic reminders and central storage make follow-up a breeze. Managing your documents is an essential part of sales management, and Ungerboeck provides a comprehensive system to allow this to occur.

OutboundBusinessDev ManageSales

Empower your outbound sales team

Having complete client history and activity information right at your fingertips means you’ll have all the relevant information you need to close more sales, generate more leads, and nurture relationships properly. The Ungerboeck event CRM can help your outbound sales team growth their pipeline quickly and easily.

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Event software tailored for your Industry

See how we’ve partnered with some of the top venue and event management organizations to help them meet today’s needs and achieve tomorrow’s goals. See more of the types of venues we serve.

Success Stories

Boise Centre

Boise Centre chooses one, single airtight system for all event management needs

Bass Performance Hall

Ungerboeck for Venues Flex Edition gives a thriving entertainment venue the functionality they need now and for the future

Holthus Convention Center

A compressive event and venue management solution meets a new convention center's growing needs

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