The Business Benefits of Being an Early Technology Adopter

As Director of Sales for Latin America, I hear the same basic question from potential clients again and again: “Why bother?” When the cost of labor is low relative to the price of a comprehensive event management software solution and you likely don’t have to worry about keeping up with competitors because the event tech adoption rate remains low, “why bother?” is a fair response. Fortunately for me, there’s also an easy answer.

Maybe you don’t need management software to keep up, but if your goal is to get ahead (and stay there!), being an early technology adopter is a great way to do it.

Add More Hours to the Day

Consider this: Our clients report an average savings of three to ten hours per week, per user on administrative tasks. That can translate into real savings in two ways. First, if you don’t have to spend as much time filing and searching for information or entering data into multiple programs or spreadsheets, you may be able to get by with fewer staff. Second, if every one of your staff had an extra three to ten hours every week that they weren’t devoting to admin work, just think of all the additional revenue focused activities they could take on! That’s more time to spend on improving customer service that will keep clients coming back and eager to share their positive experiences. More time to follow up on existing leads. And more time to develop new leads!

Get a Leg up on the Competition

Regardless of whether your main competitors are also privy to the kind of drastic improvements in efficiency that management software can bring, these benefits alone are worthy of your consideration. It’s when the likelihood that your main competitors probably aren’t also on the technology bandwagon though that things start to get interesting.

While your staff is freed up to provide attentive and thoughtful customer service or pursue new business leads, your competitor’s staff is still spending unnecessary hours and effort attending to admin work. While your staff is reliably organized and professional. Your competitor’s staff is plagued by frequent, costly mistakes as a result of loose processes for documentation and organization. It’s easy to see that these kind of differences can quickly add up to a significant competitive advantage.

Think Globally

Another point to consider is that while other venues in your region might still be your top competitors, the events industry is an increasingly global business. To be competitive on that level, you need to be able to provide truly world-class service and have the same robust capability to manage things like event details, billing and coordination with third-party vendors that international organizers have come to expect.

Cut Your Risk

Despite the obvious benefits, many venues remain wary of being early adopters of technology for fear that a big giant change will be too expensive and too likely to fail to catch on with employees enough to really make a difference. This is a valid concern and it’s where the benefits of a configurable, integrated system really shine. These kind of ala carte solutions eliminate both risks allowing you to pick and choose among options for functionality, selecting (and paying) only for what you need. Even better, if you discover along the way that you need to scale up, you can easily add new features and functionalities later.

Take the Leap

Regardless of the advantages, choosing to lead the pack on the adoption of new technology is always a challenging process. However, I think it’s clear that the benefits outweigh the risks. If you’re interested in discussing some of the additional advantages of management software and how you can minimize your risk, please contact me on LinkedIn. I’d love to help you get ahead!

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