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Conference CRM for Conferences Sales & Event Sales

Ungerboeck's powerful conference CRM software is purpose built for the conference and event industry. The software is designed to help event and conference sales professionals uncover new opportunities, sell faster, and shorten sales cycles. How? Ungerboeck for conferences is an integrated solution that provides sales integration with registration, accounting, reporting, and more. This means all of the data your sales team accesses is up to date an accurate.

Ever lost a deal because someone forgot to follow-up or failed to highlight an important detail? Sponsors, attendees, exhibitors, and other conference sales customers have unique needs. The only way to ensure your sales team is executing on effective processes is to have a powerful expertly designed conference CRM and conference sales solution.

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Designed to sell sponsorships, booth space, and event-related services

Ungerboeck comes ready to track the customer attributes important to your business using our purpose built conference CRM. Ungerboeck's event and conference sales software is built specifically for event businesses that must sell sponsorships, booth space, and other event-related products and services.

Create, track and manage all prospective and active customer details including relationships, emails, notes, orders, payments, documents, and more. This is the ultimate system for anyone who has ever had important details slip through the cracks.


Mass market to registrants

Use tools like imports and campaigns, tasks and activity reminders to support your team’s ability to mass market and track registrant activity. Have a full view of how registrants interact with your team, and how you can improve their experience and improve business outcomes. Our conference CRM provides your team the ability to market better and sell faster than you ever have in the past.


Simplify how registrants interact with your event business

Enable your registrants to manage and view their own customer profiles including marketing preferences, event histories, open balances and more. Make doing business with your conference event easy! The ease at which your registrants interact with your event operations solutions will directly affect how they feel about your event as a whole. Our event & conference CRM provides an easy way for registrants to simply and easily interact with your business.


Streamline online sponsorship and exhibitor sales

Keep tabs on your table top and booth sales opportunities, process invoices and payment for exhibitors then assign them to spaces. Use the same purpose built exhibitor sales and management tools to sell and process session, website, badge sponsorships and more. Streamline your exhibitor sales process, and start growing your bottom line immediately. It has been proven time and time again that businesses without a purpose-driven customer relationship strategy will inevitably let opportunities slip through the cracks.


Conference CRM/AMS integration

Use the Ungerboeck API to keep data consistent between your conference management system and any complementary CRM/AMS or any other database used by your business. Event and conference sales has never been easier. No more disconnected systems and no more dual-entries.

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Success Stories

International Conference Centre Geneva

The CICG handles events in a multi-organizational environment thanks with Ungerboeck Software.

Interplan Congress, Meeting, & Event Management

Interplan streamlines processes in their Exhibition & Sponsoring department with Ungerboeck Software.

German Convention Bureau

From marketing to membership management - The German Convention Bureau finds an all-in-one Solution with Ungerboeck Software.


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