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Event Reporting Software & Analysis Tools

Ungerboeck provides dynamic integrated event reporting that directly connects to sales, registration, operations, and accounting. This means that inside Ungerboeck you can view meaningful dashboards, and draw reports that are actionable and helpful for your event business.

Event reporting is difficult with lots of outside systems and disconnected spreadsheets. Our customers find that having all of these systems directly connected not only saves them time, but it allows their entire event business to operate better. This means a better experience for customers and less stress for busy staff members.


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Personalize your views and reports

The most important factor leading to accurate and easy to provide reports is having all your data in one airtight database. Because Ungerboeck can be “personalized” to capture the data your business needs. We say personalized because there is no customization needed with Ungerboeck software. Our event reporting software is tailor made for the events industry, so we simply provide the built-in flexibility for our customers to mold the software to fit their business needs.


Access simple, intuitive, ad hoc event reporting

Never have to stop what you’re doing to create reports. Turn the same screen you use to manage your workflows into working reports by simply showing information on screen, sorting, grouping, filtering, totaling and grand totaling the information right on the screen. When done, save your on-screen report and share with other staff members.


View meaningful dashboards

A benefit of graphical event reporting is the ability to quickly digest information and determine if you’re on track for success or if action must be taken. Having all data in one database, Ungerboeck empowers you to create bar charts, bar graphs and more that measure your key performance indicators in real time.


Utilize formula and summary fields

Create specialty fields that harness the power of Excel and further bolster your ability to create sophisticated reports right on screen or in dashboards.


Create specialized event reporting

Every events business is unique. From the markets and audiences your events serve to the manner in which you produce and engage your clients. With specialty event reporting services, working in tandem with all your data being in one database, Ungerboeck can create reports that fully align with you and your staff's unique needs.

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Success Stories

International Conference Centre Geneva

The CICG handles events in a multi-organizational environment thanks with Ungerboeck Software.

Interplan Congress, Meeting, & Event Management

Interplan streamlines processes in their Exhibition & Sponsoring department with Ungerboeck Software.

German Convention Bureau

From marketing to membership management - The German Convention Bureau finds an all-in-one Solution with Ungerboeck Software.


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