Ungerboeck for Exhibitors


Comprehensive Event Financials and Accounting 

Remove the barriers to streamlining your exhibition financials (see here for venues or conferences). Ungerboeck is the only system available that provides beginning-to-end event financials, CRM, scheduling, and reporting all in a single airtight system.

Your exhibition, trade show, or expo  needs to fully understand the financial and accounting aspects of your business. This is difficult to do when you're constantly exporting invoices and financials to a separate accounting system. With Ungerboeck, this is all in one single system.

event financials and accounting for trade shows - exhibition financials



Provide Audit-Ready Invoicing

With accounting features such as audit-ready invoices designed in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) framework, your sales, exhibit operations, accounting and executive teams can be sure that all the event financials, transactions and reports flowing through your system are timely, accurate, and reliable. Save time by having invoices all created from one unique system.


Utilize Secure Payment Processing

Reduce open and late receivables and give peace of mind to your exhibitors, sponsors, and staff by accepting secure payments at any time throughout your sales and renewal processes.


Create Financial Transparency & Speed Up Collections

Keep tabs on all money owed to you at any given time and across every show or conference you manage using Ungerboeck’s centralized aging receivables. Speed up collections using automated late notices and online payment portals.


Reduce Data Entry & Automate Processes

Reduce manual data entry by utilizing Ungerboeck’s general ledger processing. Ensure all GL entries are made accurately and in a manner that can always be audited back to the source of the transaction. Harness the power of event centric financial processing features like automated deferred revenue recognition and pre-paid reversals.


Manage Your Account Payables

In the same system used to manage your revenue, you can capture event related expenses and easily link your suppliers’ invoices back to the show, making it easy to produce Event Profit & Loss statements.


Make Budgeting Easy

Hold the team accountable for the profitability of the show by creating departmental budgets to measure what was planned against actual results. Hold management accountable for the profitability of the organization by creating an organizational event financials budget to measure what was planned against actual results.


Financial System Integration

Eliminate data duplication, manual reconciliation and rekeying of information between your event system and financial system by keeping all of the data necessary for business intelligence reporting centralized. This allows Ungerboeck to do all appropriate financial entries for your business then produce simple exports that match your financial system general ledger.

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Success Stories

International Conference Centre Geneva

The CICG handles events in a multi-organizational environment thanks with Ungerboeck Software.

Interplan Congress, Meeting, & Event Management

Interplan streamlines processes in their Exhibition & Sponsoring department with Ungerboeck Software.

German Convention Bureau

From marketing to membership management - The German Convention Bureau finds an all-in-one Solution with Ungerboeck Software.


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