MCH Group selects Ungerboeck

MCH Group selects Ungerboeck as its primary venue and exhibition management solution


Karlsruhe, Wednesday - June 14, 2018

The MCH Group, one of the world´s top exhibition corporations, selected Ungerboeck as the primary software to manage their exhibitions and venues. MCH Group counts among its properties venues like Messe Basel and Messe Zurich, as well as highly esteemed shows like Art Basel and Baselworld.

Mike Meier, Chief Information Officer of MCH Group commented, “We needed to replace our custom-built exhibition management system to deliver our customers a better service and online experience. That required a comprehensive system that would provide MCH with streamlined operations to increase productivity, at the same time, adapting to meet our specific needs.”

Following a more 12-month evaluation process, Ungerboeck was identified as the superior platform, best suited to meet all exhibition and venue management needs of MCH Group. Ungerboeck will be used for exhibition planning, exhibitor management, venue management, venue bookings, exhibitor portal, exhibitor web shop, and customer relationship management. Ungerboeck will replace five existing systems.

“We are thrilled about our new relationship with MCH,” added Manish Chandak, President and CEO of Ungerboeck. “As their primary software provider, we will not only provide our existing solutions to MCH but we are also establishing a partnership for future developments. We look forward to helping MCH achieve their goals and long term missions.”


MCH is a globally leading live marketing company with a comprehensive services network spanning the entire exhibition and event market. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, it takes in exhibition companies in Basel, Zurich and Lausanne. It organizes and hosts about 90 exhibitions, including the world's leading Art Basel and Baselworld. MCH's companies in the segment of "Live Marketing Solutions" offer customized marketing solutions in the areas of strategy and conception, marketing consulting, event management, exhibition and event construction, and multi-media solutions.
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Ungerboeck delivers world-leading event and venue management technology that empowers over 50,000 users in more than 50 countries. For more than 30 years, Ungerboeck has been the leader in providing software to the events industry, driving innovation and helping organizations adapt to the emerging trends in events. The organization’s signature platform is available in six languages. Ungerboeck proudly supports its worldwide client base from its global headquarters in the United States with regional presences in Germany, France, Mexico, England, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

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