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There’s no doubt that today’s technology has made an incredible impact on the event industry. Your customers have new demands placed on them by attendees, therefore they’re asking more of you – which presents new opportunities for you to offer better services. Here are some ways you can extend the appeal of your venue to a variety of audiences:

Flexibility is key

Event planners are looking for unique options for their events. Look for new ways to use your space. Unstructured, attendee driven events are expected to be more popular in the future. If you can figure out how to show prospective customers that you can roll with their more fluid events, you can win their business. The biggest issue you may be concerned about is capturing the last minute orders that come with unstructured events. Your event management software should capture changes in real time and immediately transfer any last minute orders to the invoice for a smooth settlement and invoicing process.

Don’t make them come to you

Learn who the event planners are in your local area, and what types of needs they have, then when you have an open date, start dialing the phone to see if you can get one of them to book it. This requires customer relationship management software that goes beyond account names and contact information. You’ll want to store information about past events, preferences, any information that can help you predict when they might be looking to host an event.

One word: Amenities

What can you offer event planners that their audiences will really want? Maybe you can leverage partnerships with nearby businesses, hotels, and restaurants to offer a more robust experience. Perhaps you boost your wifi service, so guests can stay connected to their office while at your venue. Maybe it’s a killer mobile app that let’s attendees interact with speakers, sponsors, and their peers before, during and after the event. Find out what your customers want to do to really wow their attendees, and then find ways to deliver so they’ll consider you more than a vendor – you’ll be their business partner.

Taking care of your customers and attracting new ones requires that you stay on top of industry trends, anticipate needs, and deliver exceptional service time after time. If you learn the rhythms of your customer’s business cycles, you can anticipate when they might have a need and reach out to proactively offer your services – filling holes in your booking calendar in the process. We’ve recently published an eBook all about how to Grow your success: 6 strategies for stand-out venues. Download it today for additional tips to help you increase profits.

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