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Event operations management software to manage orders, operations, schedules, & more

Event operations management means making sure your customer’s experience is remarkably uneventful. Delivering your services from start to finish without embarrassing hiccups, miscommunications or issues is what earns repeat business and new referrals.

Across every aspect of your event business, Ungerboeck helps you get it right the first time. With all customer and event operations management info housed in one database (a single source of the truth), everyone has the information they need to execute – no matter how much or how often orders change.

Since Ungerboeck is web-based, it can be accessed at any time from any device on-the-go, you always have the event order information you need to make any last-minute alterations. Event additions and changes happen quickly. Ungerboeck is the online software system designed to help event professionals handle these challenges within a single software system.

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Track forecasts, results and registration

Get a 360-degree view of all event operations in real-time. Track forecasts, measure results and provide seamless registration. A perfect solution for those who need to know all the details that affect the success of an event.


Manage all event order details from a single system

From setup to A/V to staffing and more, manage everything that your customers need to make their event great. Ensure that these little details don't slip through the tracks. Our system provides easy-to-use functionality that helps users track and account for all the pesky things that can get in the way of the execution of a great event.


Manage catering orders and execution

Easily manage quantities, charges, services and responsibilities for every step of the catering process. Caterers find our solution to be a perfect match for their business. Manage all the little things that can cause problems and headaches. This allows those who use Ungerboeck to save time, but more importantly, eliminate mistakes and enhance peace of mind for caterers who simply want to focus on what they do best.


Create detailed operations and production schedules

Prevent a molehill from becoming a mountain with executable schedules for every member of your staff and every step in the process. This allows organizers and managers to create actionable plans that can be tracked and modified on the fly.


Organize all tasks and functions clearly and efficiently

Head off miscommunications and confusion by giving every member of your staff a clear picture of their role and responsibilities. Avoid those embarrassing customers moments by providing aggressive detail to the things that matter most.


Manage orders and track last minute changes on any device

Track and communicate event operations management changes in real-time across every department and process. Communicate in the ways that you're used to; on a tablet, laptop, desktop, or even your mobile phone.

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Success Stories

Boise Centre

Boise Centre chooses one, single airtight system for all event management needs

Bass Performance Hall

Ungerboeck for Venues Flex Edition gives a thriving entertainment venue the functionality they need now and for the future

Holthus Convention Center

A compressive event and venue management solution meets a new convention center's growing needs


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